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April 29, 2012: Strategic Planning at The Chronicles Gazette
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Strategic Planning at The Chronicles Gazette 1.0 I...

April 18, 2012: Strategic Planning of Chronicle Gazette
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1. Introduction Today's business world is more globally integrated than ever. Almost all large corporations have gained some business interest in a market outside of their own domestic market. However, the degree of global success varies dramatically among firms and industries. It is imperative for the managers and strategists to...

March 23, 2012: Critical Analysis: The link of Hedgehog with Strategic Competitive Advantage and Profitability
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Critical Analysis: The link of Hedgehog with Strategic Competitive Advantage and Profitability Introduction Different firms have invested efforts as well as their resources to implement innovative business aspects, to supplant, replicate and restructure breakthroughs, to ensure competitiveness of their business. Accordingly, the companies are facing problems with regards to the...

March 14, 2012: Five-Year Strategic Plan
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Five-Year Strategic Plan If a person thinks about five year from now, it seems to be a very short time. But in reality, a lot can change in the span of five years. This is especially true for businesses. Therefore, to be able to make a strong strategy for the...

February 21, 2012: Unilever’s Path To Growth And It's Strategic Alternatives
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Abstract The conglomerate industry is a thriving industry due to it being able to provide various products that may or may not be related to another. The conglomerate industry is able to serve various clients because it has various types of product. One member of the conglomerate industry is Unilever....

February 19, 2012: Strategic Planning And Implementation For Adidas
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Executive Summary In any industry, changing a strategy is a must especially if the company has difficulty in surviving in the environment. Companies should have the appropriate tools and procedures that will help them determine whether their strategies are appropriate. The strategies formulated by businesses will always be under certain...

February 19, 2012: How do certain magazines promote products and/or lifestyles fore readers to aspire to?
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Magazines and Consumption Introduction Set in contemporary popular culture, magazines had been a part of cultural heritage mostly in the West. Magazines are publications containing a variety of articles, embodying diverse ideals, interests, dispositions and preferences. Magazines possess different factors that influence a consuming community. As such, there is the...

February 16, 2012: Innovation Strategy Paper
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Innovation according to Trott (2008) is about mobilizing knowledge and technological skills and experience to create novelty in an organization's offerings and the ways in which it creates and deliver those offerings. The process of generating knowledge is creativity. Improvement involves the use of technology, techniques, strategies, and experiences in...

February 12, 2012: A Sample Strategic Management Report on Warehouse Ltd
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1. Brief Description of Warehouse Ltd. The Warehouse was founded by Stephen Tindall in 1982. It was the first store opened on Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand. Similar to the success of Wal-Mart in USA in smaller case, The Warehouse was offering ‘more of what people desire’ at lower...

February 6, 2012: McDonald’s Corporation's Decision Making Process
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Decision Making Process Introduction In a business organization, the management of a company is bound to a common goal of implementing strategic management which will enable the company to have competitive advantage. Strategic management can be defined as the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that...

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