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May 6, 2012: Optimism of Singapore Economy
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Optimism of Singapore Economy Introduction The economic recovery among nations is pictured by the economists to be challenging because of the ongoing economic recovery path and involvement of the economic influence. The continuous boost of economic activities is a very great sign that there is economic recovery. It is more...

May 1, 2012: Research Proposal - Investigating the Growth of Industrial Sector in South East Asia
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Introduction/Background The industry sector in Southeast Asia has been in the news elsewhere wherein business economies are experiencing an unstable growth, downturns and issues that relate to countries foreign direct investments or FDI, GDPs, capital markets and certain industry operation (ASEAN Secretariat 2002; Mielnik and Goldemberg 2002). There is a...

April 23, 2012: Analytical Report - Increase in Sexual Activity among the Youths
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Analytical Report - Increase in Sexual Activity among the Youths Introduction As requested on March 01, 2010, thus report outlines the findings and recommendations into the extent of the emerging problem amongst Singaporean youth and provide viable suggestions to encourage students to adapt healthy behaviors concerning sex. Findings and Discussion...

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