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March 13, 2012: Thesis Chapter 2 - Re-evaluating the Shareholder and Management Jam: The Case of Enron A Case Study of the Enron Scandal Using Agency Theory
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Chapter II The Agency Theory Despite the widespread referencing of the principal-agent model, only in rare instances does a researcher actually discuss the model and how its assumptions fit the problem to be studied. For this reason it is useful to review the model in its various incarnations and to...

February 27, 2012: Sample Thesis Research Proposal : Animation
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Chapter 1 Introduction Introduction Perhaps, one of the unmistakable features of the global world is the pervading influence of media in all aspects of human life. From, fashion, music genres and even television shows people has learned to rely heavily on the use of media. Time may have changed tremendously...

September 2, 2011: An Example Review of Related Literature on Intranets
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Chapter II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Foreign Literature Description of Intranets Holtz, Shel (1996). “Intranets: What’s All the Excitement”. Communication World. Holtz’s article embarked upon the intranet phenomenon in the late nineties. In his article, he stated that the technology of intranets has made the cover of Business Week, and...

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