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May 22, 2012: Impact of Price Strategies on Retail Trade on Etisalat Retail Outlet Nigeria
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Impact of Price Strategies on Retail Trade on Etisalat Retail Outlet Nigeria Price strategies on retail trade is very important because it is one of the essential keys for a successful business. Price strategies can be more helpful in terms of publicity, it can earn you trust and loyalty from...

March 28, 2012: IS Strategy and Design Supermarket MNCs
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Task 1 Modes of Enquiry Enquiry refers to the process which aimed at enhancing knowledge, resolving doubt and solving a problem. Five basic methods of doing an enquiry include analytic (makes logical and understandable positions), deductive (begins simple conception), systems thinking (understands interrelationships with other systems), inductive (builds generalization through...

February 22, 2012: Loyalty schemes in grocery retailing thesis statements
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chilwell retail park (Photo credit: victuallers2) Research Topics: 1. The role of loyalty schemes in grocery retailing and their effectiveness as part of relationship marketing. 2. An evaluation: The relationship between store image development and retailer's equity. 3. The impact of the integration of retailers' buying groups to retailer equity....

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