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April 3, 2012: Comparative Analysis - Accountability of Public Administration
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In 1947 John Gaus wrote perceptively of the "ecology of public administration.” He presented basic ideas concerning the integration of the study of "ecology" into the overall study and practice of public administration. The locus of his arguments all revolved around the basic theme that public administration (or government bureaucracy)...

March 22, 2012: Irish Public Service Delivery
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In 2008, the Review of the Irish Public Service by the OECD was published in 2008. The said review focused on the Public Service in Ireland compared to other countries. The aim of the review is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Public Service system in Ireland and...

March 13, 2012: Privatization - Social Services: Theory and Practice
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Social Services: Theory and Practice With the ever-increasing complexity of public administration practice and the desperate need to apply practice in a meaningful, innovative, progressive manner, it is time for theorists and practitioners to "kiss and make up." Practitioners and theorists must realize that they are married to each other...

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TRANSPARENCY IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN THE PHILIPPINES Transparency has become a constraint or an illusive pattern of errors and a conventional niche of opportunity of power to people who occupy public position especially those who have abused their authority over their people and districts. Government agencies seems to become a...

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