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February 27, 2012: The Binomial Theorem Example
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The Binomial Theorem: 1. Expand (3x-4y)13 Answer: 1594323X13 - 27634932X12Y + 221079456X11Y2 - 1080832896X10Y3 + 3602776320X9Y4- 8646663168X8Y5 + 15371845632X7Y6- 20495794176X6Y7 + 20495794176X5Y8 - 15182069760X4Y9 + 8097103872X3Y10- 2944401408X2Y11 + 654311424XY12 - 67108864Y13 2. Find the ninth term in the expansion of (x+5)10 Answer: X10 + 50X9Y + 1125X8Y2 + 15000X7Y3 +...

February 20, 2012: Example Literature Review of Organisational Change
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Literature Review of Organisational Change This assignment examines organisational change for the period 2000 to 2009 and what the different authors believe are the relevant skills to enable organisational change programs to happen successfully in an organisation. Moreover, I have analysed the skills that a change leader might use when...

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