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March 11, 2012: Movie Review - The Godfather
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All the way through The Godfather, the principles are observed beneath the rubric "honor," whose information foundation is assorted and became constant in the execution of the label "Godfather." The base's initial element is family, which is signified by the filial lineage that determines a genealogical dynasty is extensive in...

February 21, 2012: The Actor to Watch Nick Krause
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Nick Krause plays the boyfriend of one of George Clooney's daughters in the movie, The Descendants. In one of his interview, he was asked what scene were you most proud of acting in the movie? He replied that it was during the scene at the hotel between Sid - his...

February 21, 2012: Tearjerker The Descendants
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I really made a point today to watch the movie, The Descendants. George Clooney is up for the best actor award for the Oscars. I usually make a point to watch all the Oscar nominated movies so that when I get to watch the award shows, then I can relate....

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