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2 posts categorized "Middle School"

February 27, 2012: The Binomial Theorem Example
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The Binomial Theorem: 1. Expand (3x-4y)13 Answer: 1594323X13 - 27634932X12Y + 221079456X11Y2 - 1080832896X10Y3 + 3602776320X9Y4- 8646663168X8Y5 + 15371845632X7Y6- 20495794176X6Y7 + 20495794176X5Y8 - 15182069760X4Y9 + 8097103872X3Y10- 2944401408X2Y11 + 654311424XY12 - 67108864Y13 2. Find the ninth term in the expansion of (x+5)10 Answer: X10 + 50X9Y + 1125X8Y2 + 15000X7Y3 +...

February 22, 2012: Using process writing to promote narrative essay writing among senior high school students
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Process writing to promote narrative essay writing among senior high school students 1.0 Introduction Reading and writing in science have been frequently maligned but infrequently studied since the 1960s move toward hands-on science. Current interest in the printed-based language arts in science is supported by contemporary educational reforms and the...

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