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May 12, 2012: MBA Assignment - Innovation
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MBA Assignment - Innovation Introduction There is perhaps no manufacturing industry that has undergone more revolutionary changes in the past thirty years than the rubber tire industry. In the 1960s, six U.S. producers controlled nearly 75 percent of the industry's output. By 1991, five of the six U.S. major producers...

April 26, 2012: Report on Toyota Motor
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Report on Toyota Motor Introduction and the aim of the report The focus of the report is Toyota motors upon recognizing an organized sense of academic supported report that incline with proper assessment, discussion as well as analysis of PESTLE, Porter’s five forces and many relevant tenets imperative to the...

April 11, 2012: Lean / JIT / TPM Application
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Total Productive Maintenance Introduction In the scenario and situations of the industrial business today, huge losses/wastage happens in the plantation or manufacturing plants. Such waste is because of the maintenance personnel, operators, process, tooling malfunctions and non-availability of he components in specific time and others factors (Kilpatrick, 2003). Other types...

March 27, 2012: Human Resource Planning and Development: General Electric
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Human Resource Planning and Development: General Electric Introduction Human resource is considered as the most vital resource of any organization. This is because of the fact that the employees are the one that transform other resources of the company to the final product or service that the company offers to...

February 17, 2012: Management Accounting Analysis Of Alpha Limited
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Management Accounting Analysis With respect to the current status of Alpha limited, evaluating the amount and value of direct labor is not actually a problem. As seen in the recorded information, the expenses for direct labor are increasing as the time passes. Indeed the overhead cost of Alpha in terms...

February 16, 2012: Employee Segment In Car Manual Project
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EMPLOYEE SEGMENT IN CAR MANUAL PROJECT Introduction The automotive industry involves designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling motor vehicles including cars and commercial vehicles. Car manufacturing, more specifically, proves the strong productive capacity of the industry. When coupled with exceptional design, effective market positioning, reliability and high build quality and...

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