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March 6, 2012: Thesis Chapter 2 On Globalization Through NAFTA
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Globalization through NAFTA This chapter mentions how globalization benefits economies and how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) helps in achieving this. Furthermore, effects of NAFTA on GDP, trade flow, and employment are also discussed. What is globalization? Globalization is a worldwide integration of cultures, economies, government policies, and...

February 22, 2012: Taxation Assignment
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Taxation Question 1 Answer The case was about how Players conducted its business of exporting their shipments and products directly to their overseas customers. However, there are certain issues that the company is facing, specifically in terms of the tax obligations. Since the shipment and operations are being conducted in...

February 21, 2012: Great Depression And Macroeconomic Policy
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INTRODUCTION The central point of this essay will imply to some considerations towards different views of economists on the role of macroeconomics policy making in the recovery of the American economy in the pre 1942 period. First and foremost, proponent Christina D. Romer (1992, p. 758) has argued that "there...

February 20, 2012: Gross Domestic Product
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Gross Domestic Product Gross domestic product is the product generated by the factors of production located in a country including foreigners working in the country and capital in the country even if owned by foreigners In spite of its clear limitations; GDP remains the primary indicator by which people measure...

February 15, 2012: A Research Paper On Taxation
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Reorganization In general, taxes may push individuals toward higher consumption; more leisure; and more untaxed household activities, including do-it yourself work, subsistence activities, and other activities that can avoid taxation. However, the magnitudes of these effects remain controversial. Empirical evidence has not been able to provide results that were beyond...

February 14, 2012: The Chronicle Gazette Case Study
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The Chronicle Gazette Case Study 3. Why newspapers are facing declining circulations and revenues 3.1. External assessment 3.1.1. Economic forces The newspaper publishing industry is flooded with powerful brands such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal and with their equally powerful marketing skills (Fink, 2005). Although The Chronicle...

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