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Employees are being srewed up for some many reasons, maybe sometimes employees feels unappreciated that their works seems to be trash or nuts, and in some cases turns out to be that an employer made an employee feels a waste of time or the worst case would be a liablity to the company instead of being an asset to it. A lot of employees may seems to have a problem with their working environment that they turned out to be an alien to that certain company never the less make them feel worthless, that makes them working performance a little bit off, for in which that no matter what they do it would only turned into a disaster because no one seems to appreciate it. Employees are of the main key for the company’s success so the company is also responsible for keeping their employee shape up to the work. Incentive has something to do with shaping up the employee and getting them back on the track which is very important to maintain the company’s good operation. For a company or an employer make their employees get back on the track they should know first the things that affects the behavior of employees taking a time to listen to you employees would be a great move to understand and identify employees weaknesses and strengths

An employee should realize the things that he or she is doing if its still right, because some of the workers frequently does not even realize that his work is not even up to par. Make your employees realize their goals inside the company, let them see a bigger picture of them working up to the ladder of success inside the company. And make them realize that they’re worth it being hired by just saying that they are doing great in work, let them realize what they are up to, if they are still the things that should be expected to be done by the position that they applied and giving them the things that will make them feel better would be one the things to get them back into the track.

Does incentives really make sense to keep employees to work efficiently, and maybe how does will it work for employees whose kind of having a hard time dealing with their work.

An employer should or must be really aware of the problems of their employees for them to keep them stay working efficiently, an employee could also use of incentive programs to attract employees to work more efficiently and effectively. One of the best way to keep them working is that giving them the incentive for doing a job well done. That way employees will be attracted to work hard. Incentives is connected in motivating the employees to work hard and smart by giving them the benefits that they can get from working hard by giving them incentives that could be a great motivation to keep them moving.

  Since human beings are purposeful creatures, the study of incentive structures is central to the study of all economic activity (both in terms of individual decision-making and in terms of co-operation and competition within a larger institutional structure). Economic analysis, then, of the differences between societies (and between different organizations within a society) largely amounts to characterizing the differences in incentive structures faced by individuals involved in these collective efforts. Ultimately, incentives aim to provide value for money and contribute to organizational success. There are types of incentives that can be used for them to keep work more seriously giving them some incentives can be big help.

Incentives should be launched in all organization to provide motivation to their employees. The organization should provide some extra perks to their employees from highest down to the lowest position. Employers should be aware of the personal goals of all of his employees such as recognition of being the best employee that also serves to be an incentive for them, or maybe giving them credit for doing a great job that is called moral incentive and one of the most used incentives that company can use is that Remunerative and financial incentives. Remunerative and financial incentives are said to exist where an agent can expect some form of material reward -especially money- in exchange for acting in a particular way.

The incentive programs motivate them to give their very best to the organization. 


Armstrong, Michael (2002). Employee Reward. CIPD House.

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