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Role of Teachers Organization in Promoting Professional and Educational Quality

Role of Teachers Organization in Promoting Professional and Educational Quality


Education is one of the main instruments for fostering human capabilities and overall freedoms so that individuals can lead the kind of lives they have reason to value. Education is also essential in building democratic values, improving human development and contributing to economic growth (Sen, 1999). The educational organization is one of the most important social institutions in a society. The effective and directive positions of an educational organization in a society firmly depend on its perfect coordination in the direction of social expectations.

Teachers' organizations are, thus formed in order to promote their members' interests Teachers’ Organizations through activities such as political and social action, collective bargaining, publication, conferences and training. They foster the welfare and security of their members, facilitate information exchange and generate and promote codes of conduct. Some of them even openly operate as direct pressure groups in the formulation of public policy. Teachers' organizations vary in terms of their membership, interned governance, goals and activities, and effects. The teachers' organizations provide an opportunity for teachers to participate in the affairs of the profession, serve as a liaison between teachers on the one hand and the administrators and the public, on the other, and assist in legislative campaigns has been recognized.  Thus it would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of teachers' organizations for the effective functioning of teachers professionals. We may define good teaching as instruction that leads to effective learning, which in turn means thorough and lasting acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and values the instructor or the institution, has set out to impart. In order to attend to the growing concern of teacher quality and teacher shortage, it is crucial to examine the core of the problem that is, the type of teacher preparation and training being provided. Quality teaching has become an issue of importance as the landscape of higher education has been facing continuous changes. As a first step it is required that the developmental needs of our schools, of our teachers and the teacher educators are identified. Secondly, a framework that provides a systematic recording tool helping institutions to ascertain and assure their quality provision needs to be evolved. To form the appropriate attitudinal alteration for the goal of educational organizations, to create satisfactory conditions for getting students to be voluntary for this attitudinal alteration and to determine the demand for getting students to acquire the stated knowledge and ability are the most important tasks. In that position, the teachers who are responsible for arranging this task need to be efficient; and on the other hand, the existence of the conditions that motivate the teachers for performing this task is the main principal. Therefore, organizations must ensure that teachers hold a qualification from a higher education institution which strikes a suitable balance between research-based studies and teaching practice possesses specialist knowledge of their subjects, and the pedagogical skills required. The difficulties many teachers in higher education are confronted with when assessing the impact of those initiatives that are meant to enhance the quality of teaching. The concept of working conditions deal with organizational effectiveness, environment, climate, organizational ideology, ecological field and with organizational information (Hoy,Tarter, Kottkamp, 1991). To sustain the growth and development of a market-driven economy, new types of knowledge and skills and an increasing investment in human capital is required. Quality teaching initiatives are very diverse both in nature and in function.

Some of these initiatives are undertaken at teachers’ level, others at departmental, institutional or country level. Some quality initiatives aim to improve pedagogical methods while others address the global environment of student learning. Some are top-down process, other induce grass-root changes. These are changing times in education systems around the world. With the start of the new millennium, many societies are engaging in serious and promising educational reforms. One of the key elements in most of these reforms is the professional development of teachers; societies are finally acknowledging that teachers are not one of the ‘variables’ that need to be changed in order to improve their education systems, but they are also the most significant change agents in these reforms. For years the only form of professional development available to teachers was staff development or in-service training’, usually consisting of workshops or short-term courses that would offer teachers new information on a particular aspect of their work. With regard to the effect of teachers’ professional development on students’ learning, a number of studies report that the more professional knowledge teachers have, the higher the levels of student achievement. However, many believe that student learning is not measured frequently enough when evaluating the impact of teachers’ professional development.

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