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Research proposal on Political culture of a state have severe impact on the progression and regression of industries of an economy


            Political culture refers to the distinguishing beliefs, values, attitudes, habits and behavior patterns that characterize a political community. Political culture is made up of cognitive, affective and evaluative orientations towards the political system. Political culture is broader than public opinion. It functions as a frame which constrains acceptable political action and discourse. It provides assumptions that guide public life. It is more enduring, stable and cross-generational. The essence of political culture is not agreement on issues, but common perception of the rights and obligations of citizenship and of the rules for participating in the political process. The three types of political culture are:

·         Parochial – in this model citizens have no cognitive orientations toward the political system. Societies characterized by this type of political culture do not expect anything positive of government, nor do they expect to participate in politics because it is seen as the elite domain. Furthermore, the government is seen as the enforcer of its own rules and consequently, the realm of politics is seen as one to be avoided whenever possible.

·         Subject – in this model citizens have cognitive orientations toward only the output aspects of the system. This tends to be manifested in a citizenry that expects positive action from government, but that does not tend to be politically active themselves. However, societies characterized by this type of political culture, also see politics as an elite domain only to be engaged in by those with power and influence.

·         Participant – in this model citizens have cognitive orientations toward both the input and output aspects of the system. Societies which possess this type of political culture tend to have citizens with high expectations of government and of personally participating in politics, it at no other time than voting in an election.

·         This type of culture is central to the principles of any democratic society.

Through the process of political socialization, the central values of the political culture are transmitted from one generation to another. The values and assumptions people hold about politics are acquired in a process called political socialization, which simply means the learning of political values and factual assumptions about politics. Through political socialization people understand, accept, and usually approve and support the existing political system.

Research Questions

            This research aims to answer the question “what are the relationship between political culture and the progression and regression of the industries in the economy?” More specifically, this paper aims to answer the following questions:

1.    What is the impact of political culture on the political, economic and social environments of a state?

2.    What is the impact of political culture on the progression of industries in a given economy?

3.    What is the impact of political culture on the regression of industries in a given economy?

4.    What is the impact of political socialization on political culture?


            The planned methodology is secondary research. The researcher will make use of published materials such as books, magazines and newspapers to collect data and information regarding the topic. The researcher will also make use of the internet to obtain information about the company such as its background and other related information. For the research, the researcher will mainly rely on secondary data in obtaining the information. Due to inaccessibility of the subject or the case study, other research methods are not applicable. Secondary data are data that have been collected for some other purpose. Secondary data can provide a useful source from which to answer the research question(s). Punch (1998) mentions several advantages of using existing data. Expenditure on obtaining data can be significantly reduced and data analysis can begin immediately, so saving time. Also, the quality of some data may be superior to anything the researcher could have created alone (Thomas, 2004, p. 191). On the other hand, the chosen research method also has several disadvantages. Data that have been gathered by others for their own purposes can be difficult to interpret when they are taken out of their original context. It is also much more difficult to appreciate the weak points in data that have been obtained by others. The data may be only partially relevant to the current research question (Thomas, 2004, p. 191).


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When working on research proposal, the only thing that I remember is that when the expectations and reality conflict, it’s my expectations that need adjusting. It's It’s just like if I gave you a map of a city, one that you’d never been to, and you tried to tour the city with this map. But then, after a few minutes, you realized that the map wasn’t lining up to the streets and pathways in front of you.
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