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Research Proposal on Effect of Advertising in the Patronage of Binatone Products

Effect of Advertising in the Patronage of Binatone Products


Background of the Study

Binatone is a private company owned by brothers Partap and Gulu Lalvani. Binatone was started in the United Kingdom in 1958 to import and distribute consumer electronics. Through the use of the continuous advertisements, the target market are achieved and satisfies the expansion in various countries like Spain, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria and Taiwan. The accepted basic role of the advertising is to provide the consumers with the right amount of information regarding the product or services, which is related to the objective of the competition and that is to deliver the consumer satisfaction. In this view, the level of advertising affects the consumer who is the focus of the organization (Park, 1996). Based on the previous studies regarding the consumer behaviors, there are three influential factors that affect the consumer decision when buying. They are enumerated as external influences, internal influences and the marketing influences in which the advertising, product promotion, and pricing technique are found. Definitely, the marketing activity such as advertising affects both internal and external behavior of the consumer. Most especially, the consumers’ perceptions are influence through the exposure such as seeing an advertisement; attention which means that the consumer recognizes the advertisement; awareness which is common if the advertisement involves some humor; and the retention that keeps or stays in the mind of the consumer (Chen and Lee 2005). Advertisements also affect the knowledge by giving information, attitude, personality, lifestyles of the consumers, and the culture of the consumer. The concept of advertising makes it possible to involve the consumers which greatly affect the buying decisions of the consumers (Tsai, Liang, and Liu, 2007).

Statement of the Problem

There are two related problems identified in the study

1.      What are the impacts of advertising in changing the consumer behavior?

2.      How does the advertising help the success of an organization?

Research Aim and Objectives

The aim of the study is to investigate the effects of advertising in the patronizing the Binatone Products. In order to satisfy this aim, the study will deliver objectives. The first objective of the study is to understand the role of advertising within the organization and as part of the marketing. The second objective is to determine the level of influence that the advertisements can create to manipulate or influence the buying behaviors of the consumers. Third is to recognize the perceptions of the consumers as well as the marketers. And the fourth objective is to set other functions of advertisement aside from meeting the trust and loyalty of the consumers.

Research Questions

The study understands the various point-of-views of the business leaders and marketers regarding the application of the advertising in their organization. In this case, the study prepared several questions that can help the study meet its own objectives.

1.      What the factors that usually contributes to the buying perception and behavior of the consumers?

2.      What is the common goal of advertising?

3.      What are the recognized faces of advertising within the organization and to the consumers?

4.      What are the perceptions of the consumers and the organizational leaders regarding the advertisements?

Significance of the Study

The interest paid by the past researchers on the function of the advertising in the organization is considered as one reason of the study. In addition, maintaining and extending the purpose of the advertising from the simple operation of the organization creates the similar interest. If the idea on how powerful the advertising can be, the organization can find its own place in the market and can play with the other competitors.

Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

The concept of the study is through the underpinning marketing and advertising practices. Many researchers concluded that the marketing approach, somehow, affects the buying decisions of the consumers and changes their taste and preferences. In addition, through exploring the theories and models involved, the study can relate the advertisements used in the organization. The various strategies applied by the organization are also part of the investigation.

Scope and Limitation

The scope of the study is bound to demonstrate and explain the marketing and advertising practices of the company. Aside from that, the study will also measure the effectiveness of those practices within the target market. On the other hand, the study is limited in delivering information regarding the connection of the organization with the advertising companies and the expenses that they incur for the agreement of advertisements. 


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