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The Impact of Motivation on the  Employees' Performance


The Impact of Motivation on the  Employees' Performance


The important driving force that an employer should give to  his or her employees is  “motivation.”  In this regard, “motivation” has different types, it can be in the form of recognition, rewards, promotion, benefits or affirmation for the job well done. Any of these forms of motivation is a strong driving force that has  significant impact on the work performance of the employees in the organization.  For  majority of the employees or even for other people at home, school or any members of any organization,  “motivation” means a lot for whom it may given.  Motivation is an inspiration for anyone to prove himself or herself that he or she deserves the job  and the responsibilities that assigned to him or her.  This also one  the very reason why majority of the employees stay long in a company.  Because they are motivated to do so, they are oriented that the company needs them, and the company is nothing without them.


Apparently, look at the employees who are in some ways neglected by the management, are they not thinking of leaving the company?  Yes, definitely, especially, if they  notice that the other employees are given  favorable actions and they are not.  This is actually the dangerous side of motivation if not being done equally among employees.  Unbiased motivation is  a big NO to any organization.  However, this happens most of the time in some other companies.  As a result,  the employees who only stay  in the company are the one whom the management's apple of its eye.  Indeed, majority of the workforce nowadays stay for good in an organization mainly because they get personal and professional satisfaction while doing their jobs; as well as  they are satisfied on how the management and their bosses treat them.  But, if  it is other way around, they will do opposite thing of course.  The management should be balanced and fair  with its rules and regulations, as well as  in its implemented policies on the salary, promotion, rewards and benefits of the employees.  Transparency and accountability are very important factors in determining  the value of each employee in the organization.  By doing this, the entire workforce would feel the sincere and careful treatment of the management with each one of them.   Furthermore, motivation is very effective employee performance strategy in each organization to be able to motivate the entire workforce to be more efficient and effective with their jobs.

Consequently,   a performance-based reward program is an effective way to motivate employees to give their best to their tasks. Usually, more companies are doing their best employee motivation programs just to give satisfaction to their entire work force.  This is a best method and tactic to hold the best and competitive employees in every organization.  In the employee motivation programs, comprehensive trainings and seminars local and international are included that enhance the employees’ skills and performances to make them more efficient and effective of doing their tasks.  And, the most common motivators for the employees are of course the promotion,   giving away bonuses,   as well as giving them good feedbacks on their job well done. 



Moreover, there are various forms of  employees’ motivator  that  give the workers  positive impacts.  More than that,  achievement motivation is  normally done through rewards and recognition as  part of performance motivation for the employees in order them to become highly and professionally competitive individuals.   These highly-competitive employees are the one who push the company beyond clients' expectations. Remember, the success and growth of any business largely depends on the motivation of the employees.  Relatively, human resources department  contributes a great part on how to motivate effectively the entire workforce.  It is their main job to always look for any programs and activities that entice the employees to  excel on their job performance. Because motivation is the focal point in creating a working environment with  maximum  performance  efficiency and effectiveness  in the company. Another thing is the  employee incentive programs go a very long way in order to ensure that the employees feel valued and  the best asset in the company. This  kind of   motivation program can be individualized; based on the individual performance and achievement of every employee in the organization.  This is also a determinant  the individual capacity of every employee.  It would be able to  evaluate as well both  the  strength and weak  points  of the employees.  In the final  note, motivation-reward-system-and-the-role-of-compensation plays a major role in promoting an excellent employer-employee relationship in any organization.  Since it paves the way for harmonious and mutual  understanding among the  bosses, and between the bosses and the employees, so as among the employees.








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