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Social Marketing Plan:  Greenwich Council

Social Marketing Plan:  Greenwich Council



            The world is facing diverse challenges, specifically in terms of environmental issues.  Members of society nowadays, are trying to become more socially responsible, specifically on the things which they can do to protect the environment and avoid any dangerous effects of climate change and global warming.  Accordingly, this enables diverse parts of the world to concentrate on one of the most challenges aspects towards protecting the environment.  Because of this, the members of society also become more ecologically and environmentally oriented (Moisander & Pesone, 2002).  In addition, because of the fact which being green is the trend today, members of society are more tended to reject subjectivities, they claimed to be caring, environmentally as well as socially aware of their accountabilities.

Therefore, it can be said which most of local and national government today are focusing on integrating the aspect of social responsibility through the use of diverse marketing method.  This is because of the fact which marketing has the ability to enlighten members of society for the society and makes a vital influence on the diverse choices which are made and available for the promotional process which ultimately determines the quality of life of the society and the environment as well. For that reason, marketing plays a very critical role in the well-being of the society and it is essential and imperative for diverse communities to have very serious social responsibilities (Samli 1992).

As a result, social marketing is being regarded as one of the major development as well as changes in the society (Kassaye 2001). Therefore, the demand for ecological products as well as sustainable community or place activities was driven by the increase in the awareness of the members of the society towards the environmental issues, together with the stricter regulations which are being imposed by the national governments, (Polonsky & Roserberger 1998).

Social marketing is regarded as which branch of marketing which involves both the uses of marketing knowledge, concepts and methods to enhance social ends and also with the social consequences of marketing decisions, regulations and activities. The insight of social marketing is, therefore, broader than which of managerial marketing. Social marketing is referred to the deliberation of market and market operations within a total social system. This emerged because of the complexities various factors as well as forces in the community. This includes technology, affluence, globalisation, communications media, better informed consumers and the general public, increased educational chances, as well as social value transformation (Andreasen, 1995).

Correspondingly, the transitions in the social values are vastly seen in the modern environmental sensitivities—aesthetic and physical, national and global. For example, being sensitive in environmental pollution, consumer protection, the use of diverse resources, human capital, and the welfare of society as well as ecology which changed has been some of the factors affecting social marketing.

The context of social marketing addresses the corporate ethics which deliberateed the task of a corporation or society and communities is to determine the needs, wants as well as interest of its target audience (Drumwright & Murphy, 2000).  Aside from that, such marketing method calls upon marketers to give highlights to three essential and significant aspects of their marketing policies.    Primarily, the goal of this paper is to propose a social marketing plan for the Greenwich Council.

Overview of Greenwich

               With the awareness of the globe on the essence of protecting the environment, local as well as national government are attempting to adhere by deliberating various method to promote their cities and adhere to the needs of protecting the environment and the entire society.  Accordingly, the entire community can protect the environment for being green and clean which makes it more appealing for the audience residing, touring or working there.  With this purpose in mind, Greenwich Council’s local government is trying to promote new method on keeping the environment pollution-free.  So as to do it, the locale community should deliberate first a social marketing plan to pursue the project. As mentioned by Kotler (1975) social marketing is referred as the design, execution and control of programs seeking to enhance the acceptability of a social idea or  performance in a target audience It uses the contexts of market segmentation, consumer research, idea configuration, communication, facilitation, incentives as well as exchange theory to maximize target group response.  On one hand, Andreasen (1995) defines social marketing as the use of commercial marketing technologies to the analysis, planning and execution and evaluation of programmes designed to influence the voluntary behavior of target audiences to be able to enhance to improve their personal welfare and that of their society. 


Purpose for the Future “SMART”

            In London, it is said that cycle journeys have risen by 100% in the last years and are expected to grow more with the awareness of the target audience with its importance (BBC, 2008) Consequently, cycling industry in London has been increasing because of the vision of the city to be developed as a commendable sustainable world city (Cycling Action Plan, 2004). This is because of the substantial health and personal and economic benefits connected with cycling which could potentially be integrated  with their daily living for 28% of Londoners with access to a bike (Heywood, 2004).  However, not all are participating in this campaign, hence, the main purpose of this marketing campaign is to be able to conduct a social marketing campaign that will convince the residence and local government of Greenwich Council to tighten their method in making the council the adhering to the needs of the council of protecting the environment. Through this method, other specific purposes include: 

  • Introducing and disseminating information on the members of society regarding the social marketing in its initiative of reducing CO2 emission.
  • Encouraging individuals, specifically women to be part of the planned campaign to enhance physical activity while protecting the environment by reducing the used of cars.
  • Promoting ways on protecting the environment through the re-cycle cycling campaign.  

Proposed Social Marketing Plan

This marketing plan aims on presenting a social marketing plan for launching the Re-cycle cycling campaign to reduce CO2 emissions. To be able to make the target audience participate in the campaign of Greenwich Council to reduce CO2 emissions, the public relations or marketing department of Greenwich Council should be able to initiate marketing plan and set purposes, mission and vision of the council.  The campaign should deliberate diverse marketing method to convey efficiently the purpose of the said campaign and make the members of society understand the reason behind the initiation of such Recycle-cycling campaign.

Marketing Method for the Future

Target Audience

As of now, members of society all over the globe are very much aware on the needs of having a council or a place that adheres to the environmental protection.  Most of the members of society not only deliberate excitement when they visit or live in the a pollution-free environment, but they also deliberates the future of the next generation. The marketing campaign for Greenwich Council to reduce CO2 emissions will cater to the said growing demand for having a green and environmental friendly council.

Accordingly, there has been quite rapid development in London cycling market since 2003. This is shown by the 17% p.a. increase in cycle trips on the Transport For London Road Network, while the 43% growth in cycle mode share for traveling into central London between 2003 and 2006. The main reason for such increase is a mix of push factors like the aspect of road congestion and pull like health factors. Other aspects that trigger growth includes the changes in the personal perceptions of the people in London specifically change in job location and home (See Figure 1).

Figure 1 Cycle Trips in Major Roads

            Bicycle industry in London has potentialities because of the demands of the target market; however, it can also be perceived that because there are other bicycle industries in the London market, there is a possibility of entrant’s barrier for the Greenwich Council of Bob. Hence, in order to solve this issue in the market, the local government should be able to conduct effective marketing campaign in promoting the Re-cycle Cycling Campaign in Greenwich Council.

In a conducted study  it is noted that commuter cycling in the city is mainly dominated by white males with ages ranging from 25-44; this is because women is facing more barriers in cycling than men (See Figure 1). Most cyclists are also employers and employees who have seen the benefits of cycling with their health, economic and personal factors. As can be seen, children are not considered as a potential market since London is not allowing children to use bicycle for transport. Aside from this, other factors to be considered in the demographics of the potential customers of Bob includes the levels of bicycle usage, reasons for use, behavioral factors and geodemographic factors.

Figure 1

Profile of Commute Cyclists 2006-2007


The primary audience for the said method will deliberate the women with aged 17-40. They are chosen since women tend to be more dependents on less physical activities and often choose to ride on cars rather than use bicycles. .  To increase the likelihood of success for the goal of this Greenwich Council plan, the proffered target audience will be given enough information.

Behavioral Factors

            In terms of behavioral and cultural aspects, it can be said that Bob bicycles can be considered to have a big potential in London because of the high quality bicycles of Bob which meets the current trends in the bicycle market.  In addition, there is a value attributed to the used of bicycle as a means of transport. There are various attitudes to cycling that should be considered by Bob in the London market (See figure 3). This result was based on the study conducted by TFL Omnibus Survey in 2007. Most of the perception of the individuals with regards to cycling is its economic, personal and health benefits.

Figure 3

Attitude towards Cycling

      Based on the analysis, it can be said that Re-cycle Cycling social marketing plan of is very feasible and potential based on the current trends in business environment and the pool of demographics and potential target markets.

Key Messages

            For this marketing campaign, the Key message includes:


            To be able to adhere to the needs of having a council that protects the environment and the members of society through diverse activities that promotes  both physical activities and environmental protection.


Marketing Campaign

            The context of this marketing campaign is to provide information on the target audience on how they can adhere to the objective Greenwich Council to enhance women’s health and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time.  Accordingly, this marketing campaign considers social cognitive and trans-theoretical approach and method to make the target audience adhere to this campaign. Aside from this, such communication approach can be helpful to enhance the potency of health promotional programming ecological planning approaches (Bunton & MacDonald, 1992). As mentioned by (1991) cognitive procedures are formed through the social relationships that the target audience considers and experienced. The Social Cognitive Theory considered three sources of influence, which includes (a) behavior, (b) cognition, and (c) environment. Accordingly, the concept of behavior constitutes the self-evaluative responses as well as social effects which may be complementary or opposing in the actions that individuals tends to do to perform wherein individuals generally select associates with similar standards of conduct they have to develop and improve he compatibility between personal as well as social influences as the target audience who are not much committed to personal standards adjust a pragmatic orientation.


The marketing campaign deliberates method such as marketing communication to ensure that all information is given proficiently (Moore & Thorson, 1996). Communication method highlights on the entire relationship aspects of marketing campaign for Greenwich Council towards the target audience. This can be done by various communication methods and design that will mainly highlight on communicating and relating with the society needs (Moschis,, 1994). It will be done by series of various communication methods such as press, advertisement, website promotion, seminars as well as other events which are related to the said elements (Clowe and Baack, 2007)

            The local government of Greenwich Council in collaboration with the Environmental protection department will deliberate video advertisements and also  visiting some educational institutions and academic institutions to disseminate information about the importance of the advocacy of making their council enhance women’s health and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. On one hand seminars will be essential in various universities and schools, and communities in Greenwich Council even other establishments that are directly and indirectly influence the council. Above all, Greenwich Council will take advantage of the capacities of the internet or the online market to communicate and connect with the target audience (Lim, Acito & Rusetski, 2006).  

Through the use of social cognitive and trans-theoretical model, the target audience  will have the tendency to tailor their behavior with and depending on the condition and circumstances at hand while selective association as well as the pragmatic orientation of morale behavior needs such abilities.

Delivery : Marketing Budget

            The advertisement of the entire project highlights on the TV, Newspaper ads, flyers as well as the online marketing or advertisement Each TV advertisement causes £4750 per 30 second and per station. The website ads cost £500 per advertisement; In addition, the flyers cost £500, where in £0.10 each (Jacksack 2008).


Estimated Quantity

Estimated Cost Per Unit

Estimated Subtotal






















            This communication as well as marketing budget will highlight on the relationship of the marketing campaign towards the primary audience or the primary target audience which includes women with aged 17-40 years old.


Key Success Factors

            The key success attributes of the Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council highlights on the enhancement of the environmental and health awareness of the entire council, particularly the increasing demand for environmental protection in the council.


Action Programme

            The marketing relationship of the new project of the Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council to enhance women’s health and reduce CO2 emissions will highlight on the various activities that will be related with various campaigns in the entire council.

Table 1 Time Program:

 Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council Marketing




Campaign (week #)

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

4th Month

5th Month

6th Month

7th Month

8th Month

9th Month

10th Month

11th Month



Press Release













Direct Marketing (local community)




















































Event Sponsorship














            The table above shows the time programme of the marketing campaign for Greenwich Council. The said campaign methods and design and processes highlight on the activities pertaining to the relationship of the marketing campaign to its target audience who are mainly residence of Greenwich Council, the education system, the local government and other sectors. The press release is essential due to the notion that it is deliberated as the initial promotion or introduction of the plan of the Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council towards its target audience. For the first 4 weeks of the delivery of the plan, the marketer or the public relations of Greenwich Council plan, will coordinate to diverse television networks conveying message of the mission and vision of the Council to become to enhance women’s health and reduce CO2 emissions at the same tine and providing explanations on diverse methods to deliberate to be able to attain such purposes. The television ads will deliberate the native language to ensure that information is conveyed efficiently.

            It will take months of preparations. The second activity will deliberate direct marketing towards the local educational and academic institution, this is essential due to the notion that it will serve as the primary audience of the plan of the marketing campaign. It will cover various efforts such as seminars and other events in various schools. The television implies on the activities or tasks that will highlight on the advertisement of the new service to the customers via the television. On one hand the flyers will be essential so as to disseminate more the information regarding the new service of the Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council in various parts of the council. The last task or action pertain on the preparation of various website or online advertisement in the local area of Greenwich Council, and it is deliberated as the longest preparation of all due to the notion that it will highlight on the various websites as well as other essential online techniques (Clowe & Baack, 2007) that will help to boost the image that Greenwich Council tries to portrayed The last is the sponsorship that will highlight on the collaboration and partnership of the Marketing campaign for Greenwich Council in various events in the council,

PR Approach

Local government in our society plays a very essential and significant part in shaping the structures of the society and environment and in “challenging conventional values (Deeks, 1993). Community competitiveness will be attained by those society and communities that are successful in formulating, implementing as well as communicating sound social and environmental strategies. The society and communities’ social responsibilities should be taken seriously by supporting local charities, funding educational scholarships, as well as contributing to the socially relevant causes and projects that get publicity. Aside from that, sustainable development efforts of the society and communities through environment-friendly social drives that promotes responsible Re-cycle Cycling campaign.

Media Activities and Recommendation

As mentioned by David (2003), there are at least four types of resources which the society and communities can use to achieve its objectives: financial, tangible, human and technological resources. Society and communities that capitalize on customers' active participation in society and community activities can enhance the health of the individuals while protecting the environments.

The changing world has then placed much emphasis on the essence of communication for effective social marketing. All types of communication are involved in marketing communications, including literature, training, advertising, mail, telephone, product promotions and other contact relevant to marketing communication. Among the networks members, may be integrated within the communication loop. So as to proficiently serve the marketing networks, correct timing and accuracy in communications is essential. Aside from that, it is essential and significant for the society and communities to recognize that all members of the networks have an obligation or essential and significant role in protecting the environment.

Other Marketing Communications Activities

The long history and practice of members of the society, specifically women could be very overwhelming in the challenge that it presents to business and advertising individuals who have goals and desires to take the extra mile of gaining being a part of a campaign that will benefit both the health and the environment of the individuals.  Today the array of plausibility in applying the social marketing approach is unimaginable. Instead of taking the technical and global hindrances and drawbacks in the social market operations because of the technological divide that cuts across the members of the society, specifically women from different social status, looking for avenues of more strategic and effective campaigns and treating such drawbacks as opportunities nay result to favorable outcomes.


Analysis shows that Greenwich Council should be able to consider social marketing approach to meet the objectives of the re-cycle cycling campaign. However, it can be said that the Greenwich Council still needs to consider strategies ensure success of such approach. In doing so, the following recommendations should be considered. In terms of target audience, or implementation approach, Greenwich Council authorities and government must be able to enhance they approach of targeting specific group of individuals by limiting their number to those who really needs the campaign. On the other hand, the second approach would be for the Greenwich Council to go after women who seldom uses cycling for travel.

Indeed, with the hype of environmental protection and enhancing the health of the individuals, communities and local governments spend a lot of time and money in evaluating social preferences to be able to have an pollution-free environment. Due to the growing interest and emphasis on the implications of social marketing, social marketing plans becomes which lists all necessary information including the Greenwich Council’s communication objectives, audiences, tactics or strategies to be employed, timing and sequencing of each tactic, and the evaluation system to be used for analyzing outcomes and results. Such approach can be used to enhance the promotion approach of Greenwich Council.


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