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Marketing Research Proposal For A Estate Agency

Executive Summary

The proposed paper analyzed the means that can help the organization to find effective ways of marketing properly during global financial crises. The proposed paper contained a research purpose and objective; research design; sample research questions; sample selection; data collection; statistical analysis; project report; project cost and schedule. The proposed paper made use of quantitative data gathering method to achieve its goals and objectives.

Research purposes and objectives

  1. Analyze the estate agency and its industry.
  2. Understand  the marketing strategies used by the estate agency
  3. Analyze the current trends in the industry of the estate agency.
  4. Determine how the global financial crises affected the global financial crisis.
  5. Determine the marketing strategies that can be used by the estate agency during the global financial crisis.

Research Design

The research design would focus on the use of inductive approach. Inductive and Deductive reasoning varies in its approach to gathering the needed data or information. The use of induction in research centers on the movement from a set of specific facts to a general conclusion in a research understanding. In induction the facts can be used to create a new theory that will try to explain the relationships between different facts (O'Reilly 2004).  In deductive process the focus is to determine whether something is valid or invalid. Deductive logic holds a unique position in science, since it is applied when people examine the logical validity in all scientific argument, regardless of which research methods are being used or which research tradition one is following. It is fundamental for scientific argument that people substantiate their conclusions with assertions and observations (Overton 1994).

Sample research questions

  1. How did the global financial crisis affect the estate agency and the industry it operates in?
  2. What are the marketing strategies used by the estate agency?
  3. What marketing strategies are being used by the industry?
  4. How effective are marketing strategies to counter the effect of the global financial crisis?

Sample selection

One form of non probability sampling is judgment sampling.  The researcher is going to collect information from specific target groups, namely individuals from estate agency and its environment thus a judgment sampling will be used in the research. In judgment sampling informants may be selected for study according to a number of criteria established by the researcher such as their status or previous experience that endows them with special knowledge. The researcher therefore requires a detailed knowledge of the situation in the universe from which to draw individuals who have distinct qualifications as informants or participants (Coles 2006).

Data collection

Surveys will the primary method of data collection.  The survey will be confined only to individuals related to the estate agency. Surveys finished at a later time with best results is often overlooked over surveys finished at the fastest time even if it does not give much important information. What is more important is not the amount of time used but the quality of data acquired by the researchers (Rozakis 2007).

Statistical analysis

In this project descriptive statistics will be used to compare mean and standard deviation and frequencies among the variables. The population that the study will have reaches 200. In analyzing the collected data, the paper will be divided into two categories these are: demographic profiles of the respondents and the ideas of the respondents.

Project report, project cost and project schedule

Once the needed data is acquired the project report will be created. The project report would contain the respondent’s ideas and other information that would be helpful for the study. The expenses that the project would incur include paper, computer ink that would be used to print the hard copy of the project, transportation cost and the miscellaneous expenses.  As soon as the project is approved it will be started immediately. One month will be used to collect necessary data and information. Two weeks would be used to analyze the information gathered. The project report will be done in 5 weeks.


Coles, P 2006, From cosmos to chaos: The Science of

Unpredictability, Oxford University Press, New York.

O'Reilly, K 2004, Ethnographic methods, Routledge, New York.

Overton, WF 1994, Reasoning, necessity, and logic: Developmental

perspectives, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, NJ.

Rozakis, L 2007 Schaum's quick guide to writing great research

papers, McGraw-Hill, New York.


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