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Managing Innovation: Case Study Nypro Inc.

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Managing Innovation: Case Study Nypro Inc.



The paper focuses on answering certain questions in detail. Case study recognition for managing innovation at Nypro Incorporated. Nypro was then one of the leading makers of precision custom injection molded plastic parts. Innovation is just simply a key factor for the business to stay in shape despite intense marketing systems and segments that changes technological means without prior notice. Nypro specifications are on the innovative edges which impose divisions to consumer, health care and communications.

Discussion: Answers to question

(1)    What is Nypro's competitive advantage(s)?

Nypro’s competitive advantage was upon Lankton’s strategy of developing superior technology by means of focusing on large scale molding jobs with technologically progressive customers. Stable consumer revenue was also evident at Nypro also, being aware of the Nypro success which adopts to maintaining growth rates that are splendid not only an outcome of Nypro’s success upon executing the strategy but, it also served as the core input in Nypro’s formula for success in the industry. Pilot for Nypro is also deemed towards keeping and always checking on the innovative people within the company, the innovation stand point of the company and its CEO was up for grabs meaning, Nypro always prioritize its operational strategy by applying on time management of their innovation strategies and planning.

(2)    How has Nypro crafted its strategy? What is it?

Nypro has crafted its strategy by creating effective innovative atmosphere that goes well with the molding plastics processes. The maintaining of entrepreneurial staff and the facilitation of innovation guidelines and standards for application. The stock program strategy that rewarded valuable employees as assets to the company. How Nypro provided a successful human resource base was exceptional and crafted success not just for executives but also for every employee, an opportunity to remain close at Nypro by means of stock ownership.  There was also an award winning structure of innovation at Nypro. Aggressive competition and constant attention to statistics based performance. The crafted strategy was in line with the company’s internal rivalry handling “progress through conflict” has brought company success over the years. The innovation success was sharply driven by systematic planning and execution of deeply rooted principle such as noted in the quoted statement. Innovative spirit was highly commendable.

Thus, Nypro’s manufacturing strategy was to build plants near its customers in vital markets which accounts for the customer’s local source of custom injection molding. The commitment to customer service was also evident. Respecting and keeping global customers truly paved the way for Nypro to become truly global in its innovation and technology advancement, a local capability that align customers upon sharing of global outlook. Doing operational business on locations wherein customers also operate through delivering of what is expected and needed at the same time.

(3)    What would you recommend Lankton do at the end of the case?

There is a need to be always responsive, business minded, as well as independent. To immediately answer the call operational challenges that goes along with innovative tactics and process but being as ‘one company mission and vision that Nypro anywhere is a trademark of the original base despite various locations of plant’. The need to strictly follow the process on same technology, same materials, same capability. Innovation challenge to achieve uniformity of all plants and do not deviate to the instructions and have them implemented same one after another. The need to identify sets of process and procedures to do the job properly. The problem is that, it may precludes innovation as such if Nypro will encourage people to innovate, there might be chances that Nypro will quickly lose such consistency across plants.

To remind that, one result of competition is innovation, the need to keep Nypro management on a positive front line and stay on the leadership edge of operational functions, maximizing best suited innovative strategies. Remain globally successful in the competitive marketplace. Execute disciplines that are of positive assumption, as well as the opportunity to keep ideas and concepts under protocol and patented technology in order to prevent salient information from being copied. The need to reconsider strategic innovation change at Nypro moving from decentralized location strategy to a centralized location strategy specification.  Aside, putting an organized customer base meaning, sets of rules or guidelines should be followed and the need to review, investigate customer programs before approval. The need to keep in positive recognition for innovative team performances that provide Nypro with best outcomes of their innovative structure by maintaining a unique standard of team performance under innovative cycle. This goes with the proper customer approach and a successful customer relations management.      

(4) How is the concept of knowledge management demonstrated at Nypro?

The concept of knowledge management demonstrated at Nypro through effective innovative team and performance standards, keeping on track development as well as adoption of new technologies executed and put into action by effective employees forming groups and teams at Nypro. Knowledge management was demonstrated since, human based capital is making Nypro operations a leading reality in terms of custom injection molding, the heart of the business is an intelligent mind and an entrepreneurial spirit in the person Nypro’s president Lankton. The knowledge management concepts start with a powerful brainstorming of innovative ideas, which is of realistic sense and feasible applicability. Creating and maintaining dynamic teams to realize the innovation of operations at Nypro. The need to work in synergy and good rapport with each and every employee, setting an effective team that works well with technology bases such as shifting adaptations will utilize logistics for just in time chains and valuation, avoiding stagnant teams and keep team dynamics on a hot spot in a comfort zone of the overall Nypro operations management.

(4)    How would you compare de facto strategy with the strategic planning process?

De facto strategy in comparison with strategic planning process cannot work well most especially if technological innovation is ideally needed for it does not flow a systematic planning process. For instance, Nypro’s strategic planning process has given the company enormous influence on the area of innovative developments catering to their production plants of custom molding materials. The de facto strategy does not embrace innovative ideas on a timely manner, low innovation tendencies may transpire not like in strategic process wherein innovation development is a top priority and is found at the center core of a company’s business operation. There develops formal Nypro strategic planning process in legal terms, planning steps are recognized and are functional to people composition. Aside, organizational performance can be of simultaneous emphasis on decentralized strategy making and strategic planning processes and that, decentralized decision structure and planning activities are associated with higher performance in dynamic environments (Andersen, 2004 PP. 1271-1299).


Therefore, Nypro will have to be effective upon engaging into innovation strategy processes that complement the decentralized application with ideal operation mechanism as well as operational integration success. ALWAYS ADOPT TO SAFE AND EFFECTIVE INNOVATION PROCESSES AND TECHLOGY ADVANCEMENT.


Andersen, T. J. (2004). Integrating Decentralized Strategy Making and Strategic Planning Processes in Dynamic Environments. Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 41, No. 8, pp. 1271-1299, December 2004



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