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Management of Change

Management of Change


This essay discusses the importance of change management in engaging employees to their jobs, as well as to motivate them to adopt new ways of doing their jobs.   Change management, whether it is a process, system, job role or organizational structure change; change can be successful if the people or the employees are willing to change their daily workflows and behaviors towards their jobs.    Indeed, constant mobilizing the individual or employee change is very necessary for a successful implementation of change management.  Furthermore, the entire people in the organization have all the responsibility of making the transition meaningful and valuable to the entire company.    Change management is a joint effort of the highest levels of leadership, managers, supervisors and the employees.    All of them must be moving towards one direction in fulfilling their common role which aligned with their common goals and objectives


Importance of Managing the Personal Transition to Change

Every employee can achieve successful transition if they start the change from their personal conversion.   Key players in the organization such as project manager, HR consultant, OD consultant or even a specialist in a change management group must therefore in due course work through others. They play the role of enablers in most cases, creating easy-to-implement plans and supporting the executives, senior leaders, middle managers and supervisors throughout the organization. In similar way there are important factors that should be taken serious account in order to manage the entire working people towards management transition.  First, the organization should adopt an efficient and effective method on project implementation.  Methodology tools such as certification, soft copy and hardcopy are number one requirement in applying research-based approach using all of the templates, assessments and tools that are part of the 3-phase approach.   (Prosci's methodology).

Secondly, identify the reasons why employees need to be managed by managers and supervisors   while moving forward to change. This   task of guiding the employees must be assigned to project team leaders, senior leaders, middle managers and supervisors.  All of them are geared with the guidelines and policies that they should successfully imbibe to their subordinates why the entire organization need to work altogether towards change.  The growth of the entire people as well as the company must be emphasized, as well as the financial growth of everybody involved in change management.  Leaders must be equipped with proficiency and leadership skills in order to provide knowledge, training, tools and demonstrate important actions to be done by each group.  More than that, excellent coaching program must be integrated with change management in the project plan.   A strong support system in every group is very essential to address all issues that may come along the way.


Some of the Psychological Reactions to change that People can Exhibit

It is pivotal to understand the most common reasons why people object to change.  Hence, it gives the people an opportunity to plan their change strategy to address all these factors.  Well, there are many potential difficult situations that mostly happen in large companies where people have wished to think that people or employees’ reaction must be guided in accordance with the implementation of the methodologies, tactics, mission, vision and objectives of the change management.  The leaders and managers should have ample time to sit down with their people to discuss the company transition, and they must assure their employees that they are among who will benefit from the changes.  However, many employees would express their sentiments, disagreement, anger and unpleasant opinions on management change.  In these cases, the managers and supervisors should deal the whole situation graciously and professionally with the use of efficient and effective planning tool for change resistance among employees.  The application of Force Field Analysis coincides with the employees’ reasons for resistance to change is highly recommended to be used during this situation. The typical reasons why employees resist to management change includes fear of change and its impact on them. Second, if employees are not being consulted, naturally, people would have more resistance to change if they are not allowed to participate on the process of it.  Thus, involvement of the entire people in the organization is very crucial in order to achieve positive results. Third, poor communication between the management and the workforce leads to serious misunderstanding.  Fourth, people usually have comfort zones in the organization.  And, employees have used to daily routines of their jobs. Sudden change makes them feel uncomfortable, less incapable and insecure when it requires more effort from their part. 



How to Manage the Process of Transition 

“Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.”  - King Whitney Jr.

First and foremost, the management should listen carefully for the employees’ emotions and they also provide support of the sentiments through coaching and counseling.  The ability of the leaders and managers to recognize the different resistant behaviors of the people may raise more awareness in the organization that there is a need to address all these concerns.  The knowledge among leaders to overcome resistance to change is a very essential part of any change management plan in the organization.  For change is psychologically considered as strong impact on people. 




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