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Evaluation of Sales Force Motivation

Evaluation of Sales Force Motivation


Sales force is the   main life of any business, without the sales force, the company cannot achieve sustainable growth and revenue.  And, because it is the company’s income generating engine, right sales force motivation must be given to those sales employees who work hard to generate sales from the company’s products and services.  Hence,   in order to retain   the sales associates and sustain their high level of sales performance in the market,   appropriate motivation must be implemented on them. It inspires high performance of the highly competent sales associates in the company.    Though, motivation does not guarantee enormous success in sales; but it still helps the sales force to realize that they are precious people in the organization for they are the one who generate money for the company.  They are the reason why the entire company is still surviving.  Selling area is very important segment in any company.  For this reason, many companies select qualified candidates to avail bonuses and incentives for their good sales performance.  Motivation is an effective tool in business to nurture and feed the sales force with promotion, increase in salary and allowances,   rewards, recognition and other benefits.  This is done appropriately through over all review and evaluation on the performance of each sales associate which is conducted annually by the management.  However, prior to that, sales professionals are being evaluated daily, monthly, and quarterly based on financial metrics.

If the organization wants a successful and productive   sales force, three important elements must be taken into serious consideration, and   it includes the Appreciation, Recognition, and Compensation. These three factors must be given to the sales force with uprightness. When giving appreciation, it means a mutual understanding from the sales force and the management for the value of its contributions to the success and growth of the company. Though, everyone in the business contributes each own share to the betterment of the organization. But, the sales professional is just one valuable player in generating revenues for the success of the organization.  Most of the companies express their token of appreciation to the sales force by giving them world-class training and development local and abroad.   Relatively, it helps the sales force to sustain and expand on successful performance by providing a platform to learn more about the product, process, integration, or techniques. It even empowers the sales group to continue to excel beyond limits.  Secondly, recognition is given to deserving sales associate who is able to attain   his/her sales quota, or even exceeded it.  This is in the form of awards, certificates, written communication or verbal praises is worth working for.  Hence, recognition must be fair, balanced, and truly earned by the individual because if it is hardly earned, it may never be forgotten by the recipient. Still, it is advisable to give a lasting recognition in the form of certificate or award.  It is a good example for the other employees to see somebody from the organization receives such recognition or awards to make them realize that the organization or the company is fair enough in recognizing and appreciating personal achievements of each employee.

Most of the time, the ultimate measurement of the professional associate sales performance  is  through increasing his or her  remuneration package  that include the salary, commission and bonuses.  There are instances, those sales professional more likely want to transfer to   the competitor’s company for a reason that the other company has offered him or her higher remuneration package than   his existing company.    Loyal sales associates are just the same with the loyal consumers in the market.   Continuing cultivation, education and motivation of the sales force is an efficient way to drive the sales force to   empower the selling area by their relentless efforts to sell the company’s products and services.

Below are the   important areas that must be included in motivational process in the sales force:

·          The management should know the method to be used in order to motivate effectively the Sales force.  The leaders must learn to understand the company’s theories, tools and skills of managers in order to    successfully manage the sales people.

·         In assessing  sales force,  there are several methods to be used such as the First level sales managers’ observation Survey of sales force and field sales managers Customer survey Performance testing of salespersons Job description statements Sales force audit (as a part of marketing audit)

·         In order to meet the customers’ expectations, sales people must be undergo proper sales training for weeks or months, as it is very important in protecting the company’s investment and retain the good sales performers in the company.




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