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Effects of  Employee Motivation on Organization Performance

Effects of  Employee Motivation on Organization Performance



In general, motivation is the driving force that keeps individuals to live, work and achieves their goals in life. Motivation is just simply the reason for an action, which gives purpose and direction to the individuals or employees’ behavior. It is a strong desire that comes from within on a person.  It is a mainstream of why people keep going on what they believe is right and beneficial to them and to the other people concerned.  Now, why motivation is very important in any organization; and how does it affect on the employees’ performance?


For over the years now, the primary reasons that employees work and have not left the company is because they are enjoying their job, as well as they are satisfied with their salary, rewards and benefits; plus they feel happy with their management and co-workers; and most of all,  they feel secured with the company.  Moreover, motivation is very effective in each organization in order to inspire workers to be more focused and diligent with their tasks.  A performance-based reward program is the most effective way to motivate employees to excel in their job. Generally, numerous companies are doing their best to satisfy and motivate their workers in order   to stay and do their tasks enthusiastically. Therefore, there must be a strong reason for the employees to go on with their jobs. As well as a comprehensive trainings and seminars that will enhance employees’ skills and abilities to make them more efficient and effective of doing their tasks.  And, the most common motivators for the employees are being promoted,   getting recognition for the job well done, as well as getting  their rewards and bonuses,   so as to receiving good feedbacks from their supervisors and managers.  In addition, the management should avoid preferential treatment among employees; this will only lead to conflicts and issues among them. According to research, there are two kinds of rewards that are being given to the employees.  First, the monetary and the other one is non-monetary reward.  These two kinds of rewards that employers give to their employees are the effective ways to drive them to perform better and improve their productivity. However, the most accepted and most appreciated reward is in the form of money, bonuses or incentives.  Consequently, there are some organizations that are not able to deliver their promises to their employees, in terms of giving rewards, bonuses and incentives, in this case, many employees are getting disappointed, and they tend to find another job in the other  companies that are willing to give what they deserve to get based on their work experience,  skills,   knowledge on  the job,  and other potentials and good track record of the employee.


Another problem that arises in the organization, when it comes to giving   promotion and rewards to   other employees; is that the rest of the employees  are less likely disappointed  if they find out that they are not included  in the list for  promotion, rewards or incentives.  This problem arises if the supervisors or managers are not being up front with their observations and assessments on their employees’ performances. By telling frankly to the employees their areas of further improvement will help them realize that they must   work harder to be able to achieve what other employees have achieved already in the organization.  Most importantly, motivation is being done to serve a major purpose, and that is to do favorable results among the work force. In this connection, raising the employees’ salaries is one of the primary motivators that will drive them to become better in their jobs.  On the other hand, there are some employees who are motivated to work and be promoted because they want to become leaders in the group or to hold certain authority in the team.  There are other employees, who do their jobs well because they only want to just become regularized, and be able to avail company’s benefits such as pension plan, health and life insurances and retirement benefits as they will grow old in the company. However, an integral part of any motivation program that any organization can give to their employees; aside from the promotion and monetary rewards, is the continuous education while they are working.  Learning system is very important among employees, where ever they are and what ever they do.  This is the most valuable motivation that a company can give to their employees in the form of seminars and trainings that will hone their   present abilities and skills into a higher level. This is the strong evident, that the company really desires for the advancement of their employees as well as for their organizations.







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