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DISSERTATION ABSTRACT - The Economic Implications of Information Technology in E-Governance: A System Thinking/System Dynamics Approach

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            Application of IT in the government resulted to different developments and also some risks. This paper focuses on evaluating the economic implications of IT in e-governance. The author uses a system thinking approach which resulted in studying the entire macro-environmental implications of IT in e-governance, which include political, social and technological. Data used in this study are from two groups of respondents from Southwark: 25 government employees and 70 citizens. Survey questionnaire was used in order to know the level of agreement of the respondents based on the implications of IT in e-governance in 4 macro-environmental areas. The result shows that the respondents agreed to all of the implications of IT in e-governance. In the end, the author shows the interconnections of political, social and technological with the economic implications of IT in e-governance, thus it pertains on lowering the costs and human resource spend and used by the government in doing public services and catering the demand of the citizens and the business sectors, and because of transparency and openness, IT can help government to combat and prevent corruption.









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