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Develop and implement a new website or enhance an existing website to include customer service. This might include features for self-service or use of real-time customer support

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Develop and implement a new website or enhance an existing website to include customer service. This might include features for self-service or use of real-time customer support


Integrating a real-time customer support helps companies continue and at the same time grow fruitful business relationships with their customers. Keeping real-time customer support coupled with adept expertise, the technology available; sets the pace for good execution of tasks in business plans. Firms which offer these solutions take careful understanding of every clients business and corporate culture, and if needed specifies a solution based on the culture of the businesses. From this solution, an uninterrupted flow of business tasks pushes through; to the delight of the firm’s clients and to the enterprise itself. This solution converges live operator capabilities, handling both automated and un-automated inbound client inquiries and other options to cost-effectively meet the kind of firm and client relationship needs. A good example of this is,

…a good example of an efficient and effective supplier relationship within the computer industry is provided by Sun Microsystems. Sun produces a range of personal computers and file servers, and has become well known for Its extensive use of suppliers, and the 'symbiotic' relationship with them. Known as the computer company that does not make microchips, Sun purchases between 75 and 80 per cent of components from other companies. Sun itself does not produce computer chips, disk drives, monitors, keyboards, or, computer chassis. It concentrates on the manufacture of CPU (central processing unit) boards and the efficient assembly of parts. Company managers explain: 'We try to do internally those parts that provide us with a competitive advantage . . . we take our talent to address the most critical value-added areas and partner the rest. The goal is to eliminate non-value-added and to simplify.'

The core of this real-time customer support must be its commitment to present particular customer care results. Specifically based on what the firm takes is good for them. For this, the firm must recruit and hire qualified individuals and then further teach them to stand out in the highly attentive service atmosphere. To attain this, the firm must point out thorough procedures to ensure that the people on the team are both capable and responsible ion achieving the desired results of the set program. In the team building process, it must utilize a combination of time-saving and cost efficient appraisal tools. As the individuals who handle the task are also an integral aspect in successfully finishing the task, care must be also given in screening and interviewing applicants to ensure that the competent employees are always ready to handle the situations in the right way at the right time.

The design must be carried out by going through the nature of the business and the clients they have. The design must also go through understanding the setting of the business, and the aims and goals of the customer care program. Furthermore, it must also analyze the current communications to determine the ways to handle the communication and then later define the objectives. The set objective reflects the technical directions, communications skills and handling situations

Moreover, to achieve success within the tasks, the facilities and equipments must also meet the needs of the calls. This means that the hardware must be able to allocate the call traffic through the network to be able to  handle control of you’re the system. It is would be wise to use a dedicated telecommunications system, which completely bypasses local telephone networks. This capability eliminates call blockages and overload situations that might occur locally or regionally.

2. Develop and implement a new website or enhance an existing website to include online catalog sales.

"The business of e-retail has been defined as the sale of goods and services via Internet or other electronic channels, for personal or household use by consumers". This definition includes all e-commerce activities that result in transactions with end.

Online catalog shops offer retailers a number of advantages. First off, the location of the retailer is now unimportant. This enables them to equally sell anywhere in the country and overseas. Secondly, size does not matter - small e-retailers can compete on equal terms to large ones, can reach a larger audience than the high street and can be open 24 hours a day. A good example of this is

…Net-shop Ltd is a privately owned company specializing in the online retail of computer networking products to end consumers. Evolving out of Homestead Electronics Ltd, a mail order electronics company founded in 1983, Net-shop now forms part of a multi-business e-retail portfolio with offerings in diverse market segments.

The technology and mail order origins of the company, along with an established customer base and in-house knowledge of the networking market, assisted a smooth transition from mail order retail to e-retail, since much of the order processing and fulfillment infrastructure was already in place and the company possessed the necessary skills to develop its own transactional website and start small alongside its traditional business. Once its e-commerce systems were proven, they provided a platform for further online activities.

            The company's background as a family business, coupled with its attention to success factors in the e-retail marketplace, helped it foster an appreciation of customer expectations, and the requirement to be competent at more than just the technical process behind the shopping experience…"

There are many other distinct vantages. The socio-demographic profile of e-shoppers is attractive to many retailers, with higher-than-average education, employment and disposable income levels. In theory at least, online selling saves on the wages costs of face-to-face sales people and the costs of premises. The savings may be less than expected, though, as there are still costs in Internet customer contact and packaging and delivery can be more expensive to provide. Perhaps a more substantial advantage is the ease with which e-retailing integrates with customer relationship management and micro-marketing systems which refers to identifying and treating the customer as an individual. This, together with the easier provision of product information, leads to greater opportunities for cross-selling and selling up. Finally, the late entrants into e-retailing are largely being driven by the idea that if they don’t indulge into online catalog selling then their business counterparts will.

The operation of the online catalog activities can never be done alone by any company, in theory, unless the firm is on big company with reasonable resources. If not, retailers then must require suppliers and partners to furnish them with the needed product provisions, fiscal arrangements, legal advice and other related services. The online architecture which makes up the online catalog system is made up of the Internet and systems which enable the business suppliers and partners to keep the stakeholders updated of the recent activities with minimum delay and hereby allowing faster feedback and other important issues.

Use Cases:

1.                  Get an overview of the current technological developments.

This is to get an idea of which technology you would want to assimilate and take advantage of within the current business.

2.                  Generate a selection of strategic options

This is to have a general idea on the steps which the company may take if the previous selected option doesn’t work out.

3.                  Purse all fronts.

This is to take advantage of the fact that adapting technological within a company’s setup virtually allows it to opens up new doors and options for the company.



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