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 Customer Service Management

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 Customer Service Management


In customer service management, service quality and customer satisfaction are the primary concerns.  Keep in mind that the high cost of products is nothing compared to the premium quality  and  satisfaction that it brings to the customer.  The  real value and  good performance of the product  makes the customer happy and satisfied. And, quality  involves some major traits that makes particular product or brand exceptional over the other if there is care, passion of producing the product, pride of their products, people are consistent of their performance,  as well as eyeball contact and reaction takes place  on the customer's part.  All these traits leave  an important message to the customers that perfection and endless improvements are done just to maintain the quality of service the company  renders to the customers. Additionally,  customer service management  involves  profit, goods and production management, at the same time working people are customer focused, employees involvement for  excellent performance is very strong.  In addition to that,  continuous desire  for improvement is always sought by the company.  In relation to this, quality department has a distinctive function and  great responsibility to analyze and determine deviations, reduce variations by thorough inspection and tries to conform to predetermined standards.


Furthermore,  quality management service is part of  International Standard for  Standardization (ISO) requirement of every organization in customer service management.  And, ISO has  (8) eight principles  that an organization must meet in order their products to pass in the  international   standardization.  First and foremost, the company must have customer focus.  Secondly, it  should have continual improvement policy.  Third, organization  required to have a factual approach to decision making.  Fourth,  it must have the   capabilities to build mutual and beneficial supplier relationships service  quality, so as customer satisfaction.  If the company  has possessed all this  customer service principles,  a longer-term profitability  comes in, as well as good customer contact and relationship  will last for  long.  Along with this, certainly, different distribution channels will be broadening.  Naturally, this cannot be achieved without proper and intensive training involved for the entire workforce, especially in the production department.   Other characteristics of good customer service management is the organization must  have specific goals and objectives. Also, people in the organization should have common goals and objectives too.  Conflicts arise  due to  residual concept differences among employees.  Lack of mutual agreement between the workforce and the management results to  sales decline and eventually lead to  total financial loss in the business. In similar way,  lack of agreement of means only heads off to business endless conflicts and problems that  can be prevented earlier through  having smart premises relationships with the employees, suppliers and especially with the customers.  Remember that employees are the most valuable asset of any organization, and whatever success that a company is enjoying at any point in time, it owes to the working people in the organization.  Therefore, employees should be treated fairly, as well as they must be compensated  well, in accordance with their skills and  job performance  and  number of years in the company.


Moreover,  paying high salaries legislation,  as well as  adapting  the most modern technology in the industry, so as to  continuous education and training for the entire workforce  lead to  efficient and effective  customer service management.  Other than those mentioned above, there are  other characteristics in measuring product quality and service performance of an organization. First  important thing is the company should  comply to the ownership  and title law by the government.  Then,  the inspection of  high-standard machinery and facilities  must be given primary concern.  Determining & implementing physical labor specifications by the management.  Comparatively,  various companies are leading over the other because they  have the ability to meet  customers’ expectations.  For  customers judge quality of products and services through  comparing their expectations with the representations  and personal experiences they have with the   products and services of the  company.  Evaluation of the customers greatly depends on what they perceive on the products, based on their  experience, expertise to  evaluate them, and how it is being processed and delivered to them.  Customer's evaluation largely   depends on   high-quality evidence and service process.  However, failure to  recognize quality and  customer service problems, as well as lack of solid  measures to address the problems  and complaints  from the dissatisfied customers  are deterrent to the increase of sales,  company growth and success.  In the final note, the behavior, and  personal traits of the employees towards their jobs and to the clients  go hand in hand in order to achieve a quality of service  they provide  for the customers.  At the same time, excellent communication skills and  client relation are inseparable in order to showcase the ability, skill,  of the sales force to promote their products to the  market.



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