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(Extensive global research as well as market trend analysis strongly points for having a boom of green related products which aims to adhere to the call of protecting the environment.  In this regard, countries such as UAE are now considering the entrants of different corporations that will provide them green related products.  The market segment in the UAE is trying to find products that are eco-friendly and products that have small effect on the environment. In this regard, the major purpose of this marketing report is to provide an industry plan for a shopping centre which will provide Eco-friendly products. This shopping centre will be a new shopping store that will be located in UAE.

        The name of the planned industry venture is Shopwiser to be located at Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi, one of the major shopping streets in the region. This plan came out of the need to provide Emiratis, expatriates as well as their tourists who come to Abu Dhabi with a place to shop for eco-friendly products. Shopping centers which will be located in Abu Dhabi are in abundance. Nonetheless, it can be said that there are still few shops which offer eco-friendly products in the region In fact, there are only few shops that offer green products that could be found in the shopping hub, but the demand for green and eco-friendly products are increasing in enormous number, thus the plan for Shopwiser. The industry purpose of this plan is to establish core competencies and structure through providing shoppers with a unique green experience each and every time they enter the Shopwiser, majorly through provision of ensuring that the products that they will buy had little or no effect in the environment. The corporate team of Shopwiser will be consisted of four highly-qualified as well as success-driven market segments who will lead Shopwiser in its path to growth and sustainability.

        The major market segments or market segment for the Shopwiser includes also the he tourists who go to Abu Dhabi to experience green shopping in its finest in the Persian Gulf region. The secondary market segments will be the locals as well as the expatriates, who will be helpful in sustaining the growth of the green shopping industry through their continued patronage of Shopwiser’s in Abu Dhabi. The financial projections give emphasis the feasibility of this industry plan, as the industry is forecasted to garner a net profit of $281,650 by the end of the first year alone. The industry needs to raise $6,000,000 though, and this document is aiming to provide assistance in realizing that purpose. Said capital requirement will be utilized for start-up and operating costs to last for three years, In particular for the purchase of furniture, equipment as well as raw materials to be used for industry operations.



The shopping industry in the United Arab Emirates, In particular the green related products p sector, has been witnessing an impressive growth and boom because of the adherence of the world market in environmental protection program, in parallel with the growing number of tourists who go to Abu Dhabi. The green related products market in UAE has been markedly flourishing to cope with the trends of the global market and market environment, leading to the sprout of the number of green related products shops in the region. The green related products culture in the said region has been one of the most assorted and diverse from ‘shopping” to the local blends served in green related products. To date, there are only few existing green related products shops in the Abu Dhabi region that gives the needs of the Emiratis, expatriates as well as tourists alike, whose major diversion nowadays is spending time in shopping for green related products shops.  In this regard, this shopping centre plan aims to establish the Green related products shop called Shopwiser in Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, which is regarded as one of the major shopping hub in the region. The context of idea of running a green related products shop came up when the author was considering the potentialities of providing green products to individuals who provide and consider great value to the environment and saw the steady stream of market segment going inside the shopping establishments to look for eco-friendly products. This proposal will cater to the growing need of green related products shops patrons to find a haven in which they can enjoy shopping without being bothered whether the products that they bought are eco-friendly or not. The shopping centre will be In particular designed to cater to the shoppers’ hearts desires and whims and make their Green related products patronage worth repeating over and over again. The shopping centre aims to establish core competencies and edge through providing shoppers with a unique Green related products experience each and every time they enter Shopwiser.  Currently, the shopping centre that offers green related products and eco-friendly products is still in its preparation stage, and is looking out for sources of funds which would finance start-up costs as well as running capital. The desired shopping centre logo, mission as well as purposes are attached in the Appendices section of this paper (Appendix 1, 2 & 3).


(INSERT NAME) holds an MBA from Harvard and five years of experience at one of the Shopping centers chains in Abu Dhabi as financial officer. (HE/SHE) is the President as well as owner of the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products), and whose remarkable shopping centre vision and enthusiasm led to the planning of the Shopwiser shopping centre.

(INSERT NAME) is the assigned Executive Vice President as well as Chief Financial Officer of the shopping centre, and whose impressive career portfolios include three-year tenure as In-Shopping centre Accountant at a shopping centre in Abu Dhabi.

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer to the green related products shopping centre is (INSERT NAME), who will be in charge of the human resources department as well as other administrative functions of the shopping centre is a former Human Resource Department Secretary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Shopping centre.

(INSERT NAME), Executive Vice President and Marketing and Supply Chain Director, was Assistant to the Chief Marketing Officer of Green related products for a period of two years.


            There are currently eight board of directors for the shopping centre, with (INSERT NAME OF PRESIDENT).  There is currently no Board of Advisors for Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products), but the corporate team will assign another one during the operations. Same goes for the Service Providers, who will be outsourced by the shopping centre as the shop grows in size.


            Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) developed the shopping center's corporate structure to reflect the shopping center's dedication to maintaining corporate morales, culture as well as business approaches  . The Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) corporation will serve as the base of its corporate functions. As seen in the corporate chart, (see Appendix 4 for the corporate diagram) there is no line pointing down, that indicates that the lines of communication can go in both directions (upward or downward), that also indicates that the corporation intends to consider a culture in where communication doors are always open for all employees to the shoppers. Also, the chart is a defining figure of how the lines of authorities should be followed, and its simplicity would be able to help the entire corporate members to comply with it easily. This hierarchical-oriented corporation will advertise unity to all Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) management market segment and staffs and personnel through adoption of a structure with hierarchical relationships between corporate members with the intention of disseminating corporate policy proficiently and successfully throughout the shop so that the management and the staffs could move in the same direction.

            The corporation form will be a restricted and confined liability shopping centre, in which the owners would have confined personal liability for shopping centre debts, fringe benefits can be deducted as shopping centre expense and the business owner can split corporate profits among owners and corporation and overall tax rate is lower, as compared to other corporate forms. The corporate team  will be applying for the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) trademark, for it has immediate plans of expansion outside Abu Dhabi, as well as other parts of the UAE, and it would not want to infringe any legal requirements of the law  about the shopping centre. Also, the shopping centre logo, which will be the image that will; represent Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products), will be applied for copyright, as the corporate team would like to preserve the company image as solely belonging to the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) corporation.


The green related products shop industry in the Middle East is said to be continuously flourishing, as evidenced in the wealth of said establishments in the region. There are only few green related products shops are in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Online Services, n.d.). Nonetheless, there are limited green related products establishments in the whole of UAE (Abu Dhabi Online Services, n.d.), testament to the big industries in the emirates. Mathias (2005) observed that green related products shopping centers are still very second corner in all the emirates as emiratis, tourists and expatriates alike spend a large portion of their time in green related products shopping centers.

 The Manager of Shopping centers Green related products Middle East Mike Hoff quotes that "Over hundreds of years a rich green related products culture has grown across the Middle East, and this reflects in the UAE green related products practices as well. Today, green related products have taken on a new dimension with a diverse range  eco-friendly products in which clients can enjoy some of their favorite green related products beverages. The most significant proof that the green related products industry can be a profitable venture in the region is that green related products shop giant Shopping centers has already entered the Middle East market. If the most profitable industry players saw high-revenue potentials in United Arab Emirates, then there is little doubt that in the coming years, more green related products shopping centers will venture into the UAE region, In particular in Abu Dhabi where most market segment activities are centered. Since Abu Dhabi is also currently being geared up for tourism, the potential market for the industry has been considered as large.

Market segmentation

The major market segments for the shop are the tourists who go to Abu Dhabi to experience green related products shopping in its finest in the Persian Gulf region. The secondary market segments will be the locals and the expatriates, who will play a special role in sustaining the growth of the green related products industry through their continued patronage of green related products shopping centers in Abu Dhabi. In particular, the demographic profile of the market to Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) will be the middle-aged generation of shoppers, from the 25 to 40 age bracket, as middle-aged market segment are known to have the most passion for green related products and experiencing new specialty green related products in the market. It is also proposed that the market segments on this context would also consider the younger generations of green related products use.  In particular, the shoppers from the age bracket of 16 to 21 years old should be taken into consideration. A need to cater to a specific demographic has spawned the need to acquire core competencies and edge with the rest of the players in the market.



Ø  The short term objective is to penetrate or enter the UAE market and be able to recognize as a green product shopping mall for the first three months of the operation.

Ø  The first months will focus on the promotion of the shopping store in the market.


Ø  The company aims on achieving earnings growth of 15% upon market operations.

Ø  Increase market position and market share up to 20%


Ø  Gain competitive advantage within the UAE market.

Ø  Generate competitive market position and good reputation among other shopping malls existing in the market

Ø  be the number one choice of the market in terms of provider of green products in UAE.

Industry Trends/Outlook

Business Schedule[WX7] 

Since it is a shopping mall, the company will start their operation at exactly 9:00 AM and will close at 10:00 PM for weekdays and start at exactly 9:00 AM and will close at 11:00 PM during weekends.


Product Feasibility and Marketing technique

            The product that Shopwiser  will offer is green related products served in various categories such as eco-friendly bags, gadgets, accessories which will have a starting categories (see Appendix 5 for a full list of the green and eco-friendly  products) and will increase in number as time passes. The names of the green related products green and eco-friendly  products are unique, so that shoppers may know that the products are uniquely Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products).

Pricing Marketing technique

            The price of each green related products will depend on the green and eco-friendly  products (see Appendix 5 for a full list of Shopwiser prices). The prices would be in par with those existing green related products shops in Abu Dhabi, with the shopping centre relying on the shop ambience, quality of service, green related products quality to gain core competencies and edge from rivals in the region. Using all the available data, figures and information in this shopping centre plan, the pricing purpose of Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) would be to offer the quality green related products in Abu Dhabi at relatively affordable price ranges. With that in mind, the pricing marketing technique included the cost of providing green related products to the shoppers and clients (electrical costs, labor costs, raw materials cost, etc.).

The corporate team perceives that Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) products have unique as well as defensible attributes which could support a high price. Nonetheless, since a sector of the market segments involves young market segment, who commonly do not have a source income of their own, Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) will strive to keep costs at the lowest level to be able to sustain a cheap price offering for all their green related products and eco-friendly products. Also, since the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) aims to advertise an image of affordability as well as quality and environmental friendly shops all rolled into one, this pricing marketing technique would definitely help build and sustain that target image.

Channels of Distribution and Promotion and Advertising

            On start-up, there will only be one green related products shopping centre located in Hamdan Street where shoppers could go to have their satisfying shopping needs. This is the major and only channel of distribution for the initial months of the shopping centre. Nonetheless, if financial statements forecasts prove true, shoppers will soon see a number of Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) bistros lined up in the thoroughfares of Abu Dhabi Region, In particular at Halifax Street, Corniche, Sayed Street, Sheikh and Airport Road.

            The major promotion and advertising purpose of the shopping centre is to be able to spread the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) word without allotting too much on marketing costs. In this context, what works well and what does not work at will depend mostly on the shopping centre, the products provided, the community, the competition as well as the skills in how the marketing director will advertise the shopping centre. In this regard, the new green related products shop sign will be put up (including the name, type of shop, hours of operation as well as the opening date) to be able to advertise the shopping centre well before its opening. When the employment ads are posted in the local papers, the shopping centre will make sure to include Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products)’s name and location, as this inexpensive classified advertising will help advertise the shopping centre.

There will be a card awarded free to the first fifty shoppers of the shop on the day that it opens. This card will serve as their Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) Advantage Card and will avail them of all the benefits of being a Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) Advantage Card holder. Discounts as well as freebies will be given on designated periods to all cardholders. Nonetheless, those who were not able to avail of the card for free could still own one given a minimum amount membership fee ($200). The advertising part of marketing will consist only of orientation regarding the green related products shopping centre during the first week, half dozen streamers around the region and a hundred flyers to be given away at supermarket doors. Also, one hundred shopping centre cards will be at hand, as they are a great way of advertising. The management perceives that this is sufficient to advertise the shopping centre, and the rest will be left to word-of-mouth.


The service blueprint diagram is a simple representation of the flow of service delivery of the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products). The blueprint presented in Appendix 6 presents the regions of operations of the green related products shopping centre. In particular, it presents the regions of operations in which the shoppers and clients could see as well as the unseen regions. This marks down the regions in which the green related products shop should look closely. Likewise, it also gives the operational plan that the corporation should acquire the moment there are malfunctions and issues or dilemma in the operation. This is in particular seen in the delivery of the service to the shoppers. At this instance of failure, a return to the management step is in order.  The diagram gives a representation of the process flow that the corporation intends to establish in its daily operations.

As of 2006, there is an estimated 2.968 million labour market available to USE and 78% of this is in the service sector, while in 2001 2.4% are unemployed (‘USE Economy’, 2007). This parts of unemployed market segment will form part of the potential employees of Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) (see Appendix 7 for list of employees required by the shopping centre). Shoppers and clients support will be one of the major responsibilities of the store manager. Complaints as well as recommendations about the quality service or green related products quality could be made directly to the manager or written in a slip and dropped at a Suggestion/Complaint box in the cashier counter

SWOT Analysis

            The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths as well as weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing Shopwiser.


  • Strong relationships with suppliers that offer high-quality green products.

  • Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive.

  • Great retail space that is bright, hip, clean, and located in an upscale mall, suburban neighborhood, or urban retail district.

  • High customer loyalty among repeat clients.

  • High-quality green products offered to the consumers.


  • Shopwiser's name lacks brand equity particularly in the area of  UAE.

  • A large marketing budget to develop brand awareness in the area.

  • The struggle to continually appear to be cutting edge.


  • Growing market in UAE with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware that Shopwiser exists.

  • Increasing sales opportunities in take out business.

  • The ability to spread overhead over multiple revenue centers.. Shopwiser's will be able to spread the management overhead costs among the multiple stores, decreasing the fixed costs per store.


  • Competition from local shopping centers that respond to Shopwiser's superior offerings.

  • Stores and shopping malls found in other markets coming to UAE.


  • Benefits:  The Company will provide green products that are not harmful for the environment.

  • Differentiation: [WX8]   this will provide unique products that enables consumer to adhere to the need of environmental protection.

  • Research and Development: N/A

  • Licensing:[WX9]   N/A


Annually, different corporations which can be considered as potentially successful shopping centers fail because of poor financial management. Identification as well as initiation implementation of policies and regulations which will result to and guarantee that the shopping centre will meet its financial obligations is a must. To manage the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products)’s finances, the Chief Financial Officer forecasted a sound, realistic capital budget. The capital requirements for the planned shopping centre are to be found in Appendix 8. The assumptions below were made based on current industry standards as well as in dollar currency. Figures for the three year projection could not be noted for the following years to come, as local and global economic situations could notably affect the demand and supply in the green related products as well as shopping industry (see Appendix 9 for the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections).

Ø  Occupancy is paid every quarter, and whose amount is fixed.

Ø  Shop as well as office furniture depreciates 10% annually.

Ø  Cost of sales is 15% of gross sales.

Ø  Bank Loan should be paid an amount of $371,350 during the first year.

Ø  Insurance is fixed at $1000 annually to be paid at the start of the year.

Ø  Salaries as well as wages are an approximate of 20% of gross sales.

Ø  Advertising and Promotional Expense is $5,000 during the 1st year, and to be utilized during the first four months.

Ø  Operating Expenditures are permitted $33,000 for the 1st year.

Payback marketing technique

The payback marketing technique would be to give emphasis on selling a broad range of categories to a limited group of markets. This is notably what Green related products Shopping centre has in mind. As mentioned by Abbott & Sheldon (1996), corporations take this approach, deriving about two-thirds of its international revenue from just four markets. Considering market in an already dynamic home market will entail managing a corporation to encourage innovation. That indicates he right market segment in the right jobs, the right management approaches, and the right environment to foster growth. At the bottom of the scale, opportunistic or inconsistent techniques and approaches seem to reap the worst rewards. Evidence recommends that most of today's corporations are simply not equipped to exploit opportunities for growth. Often, they spend their restricted and confided budgets ineffectively; in some cases, as much as 40% of a development budget was expended on unproductive products. This shopping centre plan aims to payback the $1,000,000 bank loan within three years of the start of operations.


Management Uncertainties/Risks ~ As the corporate team is a highly qualified pool of dedicated market segment driven to give assistance in the growth of the Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) shopping centre, there is little or no risk at all associated with management. The corporate team of Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) may have complexities about general management of the shopping centre, which is expected of all start-up ventures, but with the cooperation as well as participation and contribution of the knowledge and skills of corporate team members and their future employees, these complexities would serve as enlightening experience which will further strengthen the shopping centre. These hindrances may come in the form of: (1) a minor disagreement with a particular shop system; (2) lack of ample time devoted to overseeing the shopping centre; and (3) personal issues between corporate members.

Marketing Uncertainties/Risks ~ There is the big uncertainties that the marketing techniques and approaches adopted by Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) would not click with the market segments, which would result in the loss of money for the shopping centre spent uselessly on inefficient marketing techniques and approaches. But as the marketing schemes planned for the green related products shopping centre are tried and tested formulas of already successful shopping centers, there is a marginal chance that marketing failure will happen. The issuance of advantage cards for regular patrons is already done by other shopping centers as their loyalty cards, including those dominant green related products shopping centers in the world market, and from an observer’s point of view, the marketing tactic are working for the shop.

Operating Uncertainties/Risks ~ There is the risk of poor quality breakdown in the middle of shopping centre activities. This is remedied by having the contact number of maintenance personnel near the baristas. Additionally, there will be training for the sales clerk and sales lady to accustom them to providing information about the products and how it become eco friendly  and environmentally safe. There is also the risk of supply chain mismanagement, although having a management individual in particular handle the said accountability decreases the chance that such mismanagement occurs. Besides, the Supply Chain Officer is used to handling such shopping centre activity, and would therefore find little or no trouble at all in establishing a working relationship with green products suppliers. .

Financial Uncertainties/Risks ~ The financial Uncertainties/Risks are the biggest Uncertainties/Risks faced by the shopping centre. There is the risk of cash shortage that would be governed through cash management techniques learned by the Financial Officer in his previous jobs. There is also the risk and uncertainties of not being able to pay the suppliers on time, that would destroy a good credit image, but the person assigned to handle shopping centre finances would make sure that it never happens. Finally, there is the financial risk of bankruptcy, which is a gloomy prospect, but is the fact of shopping centre. The corporate team, therefore, sets their hearts and minds to seeing that this risk will be far-fetched.

Capital Requirements

            For this shopping centre, it is estimated that $1,500,000 will be needed for start-up and operating costs for the first three years. One third of the money will come from the equal monetary contribution of the corporate team, while the other half is hoped to be financed by the bank. Following is a tabular list of the capital requirements of the shopping centre together with their estimated costs.


Amount Requested:  $ 1,500,000

Owner Investment[WX10] :




Cash Received




Cash from Operations:




Cash Sales




Cash from Receivables




Subtotal Cash from Operations








Additional Cash Received




Sales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Received




New Current Borrowing




New Other Liabilities (interest-free)




New Long-term Liabilities




Sales of Other Current Assets




Sales of Long-term Assets




New Investment Received




Subtotal Cash Received












Expenditures from Operations:




Cash Spending




Payment of Accounts Payable




Subtotal Spent on Operations








Additional Cash Spent




Sales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Paid Out




Principal Repayment of Current Borrowing




Other Liabilities Principal Repayment




Long-term Liabilities Principal Repayment




Purchase Other Current Assets




Purchase Long-term Assets








Subtotal Cash Spent








Net Cash Flow





5.2 Projected Balance Sheet (3 years)

The balance sheet shows that the net worth of Kids & child will increase continuously. 

Table 2





Current Assets








Accounts Receivable








Other Current Assets




Total Current Assets




Long-term Assets




Long-term Assets




Accumulated Depreciation




Total Long-term Assets




Total Assets




Liabilities and Capital




Current Liabilities




Accounts Payable




Current Borrowing




Other Current Liabilities




Subtotal Current Liabilities




Long-term Liabilities




Total Liabilities




Paid-in Capital




Retained Earnings








Total Capital




Total Liabilities and Capital




Net Worth






My exit strategy [WX11] is to merge with other shopping malls in the market. This exit strategy is attractive to my potential investors because[WX12]  it will help the investors to see that the company will stay competitive in the market, once a new management will handle the Shopwiser.


Abbott, P. & Sheldon, I. (1996). Industrial Corporation and Trade in the Food Industries. (Ed.) Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Abu Dhabi Online Services. (n.d.) Accessed 30 May, 2007, from

Mathias, A. (2005). Ah! That perfect brew. Gulf News Report. Accessed 30 May, 2007, from

‘UAE Economy’. (2007). CIA Factbook. Accessed 30 May, 2007, from



Appendix 1. Shopping centre Logo



Appendix 2. Shopping centre Mission

The Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) aims to become the United Arab Emirates market leader in the green related products shop industry and to have a solid base of pleased shoppers who will eventually spread the word of the shopping centre.

Appendix 3. Shopping centre Purpose

*   To satisfy our shoppers’ craving for best-tasting green related products.

*   To provide an atmosphere where shoppers could have a place with friends and loved ones to spend quality time while enjoying our green related products.

*   To provide our patrons service with a smile.

*   To be socially responsible in the carrying out of shopping centre operations.

*   To contribute to the economy of Abu Dhabi.

*   To build an image that Abu Dhabi has some of the world’s best green related products shops.














Appendix 4. Corporate Chart
















Appendix 6. Service Blueprint Diagram


Appendix 7. Manpower Requirements

1 Store Manager ~ to oversee the day-to-day operations of the green related products shopping centre and to deal with shoppers and clients concerns.

2 Sales Clerk ~ to work behind the counter, concocting green related products green and eco-friendly  products as In particular ordered by the shoppers and clients.

1 Cashier ~ to take shoppers and clients payments and allow discounts to Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) Advantage Card holders when applicable.

2 Service Crews ~ to attend to delivering the output of baristas to the shoppers and clients’s table and to give out freebies to Shopwiser (gives green and eco-friendly products) Advantage Card holders when applicable.

1 Janitor / Messenger ~ To manage the cleanliness of the store for the comfort and health safety of the shoppers, and to occasionally deliver messages and documents outside the green related products shop.


Resume of Key Manager

A Name Ahmed Abdullah
A successful Communications Manager with wide marketing experience in small independent companies and the insurance, information and finance industries. I am now looking to utilise my online marketing communications skills within the fast moving information technology arena.
Communications Manager                     2003–2005
Accountable  for the launch and on-going communications strategies for a series of vertical market focused information products on the Internet
Specific Accomplishments:
- Account management role, leading virtual team of local marcomms managers and managing agencies to ensure objectives and budgets were met
-  Generated marketing guidelines for all Internet based information products, which include ‘look and feel’, flash product operation and recommendations for on- and off-line promotion and reporting needs which were adopted by the firm for all future products.

A global insurance firm, with an international division concentrating on the risk management needs of discrete target groups.
Marketing Executive                 2001–2003
Accountable for the client and internal communications of the international division
Specific Accomplishments:
-  Corporate HQ, Switzerland – developed a series of “at a glance” country reports to assist the underwriters in ascertaining risk levels
- Administered agencies and budget to meet communications objectives
- Generated regular client newsletter, administered editorial team and production to ensure clients were kept up-to-date with developments
- Initiated new corporate identity and developed target market focused client communication campaigns
- Developed marketing guidelines and strategic communications
Part of the Ell Group, the firm is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of building materials and targets both commercial developers and owners of a period properties
Marketing Assistant                   1999–2001
- Developed strategic alliances with key industry bodies
- Direct marketing and market segmentation to assist Franchisees’ local sales activities and achieve a response greater than 10%
- Sales lead analysis, giving Franchisees with an average cost per lead of £10
- Press relations, direct response advertising and media buying to ensure value for money and a guaranteed number of leads per month
- Generated sales collateral and initiated new corporate identity for local implementation by the Franchisee network.
Regional firm running a network of locally administered fresh generate delivery franchises
Sales & Marketing Assistant            1997–99
- Sales Team Leader – administered a team of 7
- Market profiling to ensure the most profitable areas were targeted by the sales teams
Trade Finance Placement in International Bank giving trade finance credits
Education and Professional Qualifications

- Member of Institute of Direct Marketing (MIDM)     2000
- Diploma in Marketing – Chartered Institute of Marketing (DipM)   1997
- Intermediate Diploma in German – Institute of Linguists    1995
- BA (Hons) Business Studies – Upper Second – Birmingham Polytechnic  1993
- 4 A’ Levels, 1 A/O Level – Harrogate Grammar School, Yorks                   1991-1993
Training / IT Skills
- Computer literate: Lotus Smart Suite, Microsoft Office, Front Page
- Introduction to FrontPage        2000
- Everything you always wanted to know about the Internet   1999
- Internal Communications        1998
- Successful Public Relations       1997
Date of Birth: 10 August 1976
Languages: Fluent Arabic, Conversational French  
Interests: I enjoy winter sports, reading and travel
Clean Driving Licence



Sample Products


The company will provide green products that have no harmful effects on the environment. Examples include




































Related Magazines


Home Depot 
Eco Options

This is a magazine which provides information on client’s regarding different eco-products available in the store, as well as providing quite a lot of interesting green living info in general. The magazine is very relevant for this business as it tackles about how a product can be eco-friendly and environmental friendly.



 [WX1]Enclose a cover letter with your plan addressed to the person from whom you are requesting financing.

 [WX2]Explain how you intend to use the financing.

 [WX3]Use your mission statement here.

 [WX4]The cover of your business plan should state the name of the business and may include your logo and a list of contents.

 [WX5]. When you have completed your plan, add page numbers to each item in the Contents.

 [WX6]Include both short- (1 to 5 years) and long-term (5 years and beyond) projections for profit, customers, etc.

 [WX7]Describe when the business will operate—days, hours, seasonal variations, etc.

 [WX8]How is your product different from competition?

 [WX9]Are there any licenses you have to buy?

 [WX10]Lenders and investors want to see owners invest 20–15 percent of their own money.

 [WX11]Explain how you intend to exit the business—by selling it, franchising it, etc.?

 [WX12]Explain how your investors will get the return on their investment after you exit the business. For example: Will they be paid a share of the sale proceeds? Will they continue to own as the business is franchised, and be included in the franchise royalty agreement? Will the business be taken public, allowing them to sell their shares in the stock market?

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