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A Better Form of Government for Afghanistan (Parliamentary Versus Presidential)


A Better Form of Government for Afghanistan (Parliamentary Versus Presidential)



Daily Outlook Afghanistan has featured online the present,   Afghanistan’s political system which been a debate now on which system works in the country, is it parliamentary or presidential? Nevertheless, the current form of government in the country is in the parliamentary system where the presidential form of government and all the power comes from the existing president.  Hence, several opposition parties such as Afghanistan National Front (ANF), as well as the national and international  leaders and scholars are concerned with the Afghanistan affairs. These people strongly believe that the current presidential system must be replaced by parliamentary form of government because it does not perform responsibly, so as it does not show any political capacity to deal with the main Afghan problems and issues such as political abuses,   wide-spread corruption,

Background of Two (2) Political Systems in Afghanistan

·         Presidential Form of Government

In presidential form of government all executive power are vested in the elected president whose term of service is fixed by the constitution.  This situation is not in control by the legislature; since the Afghan president is not only the head of the state but also the leader of the executive.  Presidential system has been mostly believed to be durable government because the president’s term of office is specifically fixed.  And, the president can implement any laws and policies for a long term purposes without consulting his ministers; since they are not members of the parliament.   Hence,  this type of government system is considered irresponsible form of government by many political leaders.  . However, the frustrating part of this system is the president is not accountable and responsible for the well being of the entire citizenry. (Presidential or Parliamentary form of Government?, 2012).

·         Parliamentary Form of Government

The parliamentary form of government is considered the cabinet political system is the responsible  form of government since it  permits the legislative body  or parliament to take part in the decision-making and implementing laws. Furthermore, in parliamentary  system,  the leader of the party  who gets the highest  majority seats in the legislature  offered the position of Prime Minister Ship.  Both the Prime Minister and all his cabinet members are accountable to the administration and the people.  Thus, this is called a responsible form of government.  In this type of administrative system, the head of the state has limited   official powers because most of the legislative powers are vested in the parliament or cabinet which is also led by the Prime Minister.  Meaning, the Prime Minister and his cabinet members are  vested to work together to  create, approve, and implement laws and policies in order to promote  solid, harmonious and cooperative nation at large. This Parliamentary system of government  is also adopted by Britain and India.  Many  nations’ leaders  believe that this kind of system will lead  Afghanistan into a reformed nation for it incorporates   harmony and cooperation between the legislative body and the executive level.  The Prime Minister  is not only accountable and responsible for his decisions but, also his cabinet members who are in charged of helping the  Prime Minister to lead the whole nation  efficiently and effectively through the passage of   laws that will serve as the  core guiding principles of the government to rule the people in the country.

(Presidential or Parliamentary form of Government?, 2012).


In comparison, it would be better for the Afghanistan to have a parliamentary form of government because it has the real delegation of power and authority to   the provinces.  And this type of government can decentralize the present government; that way, many resolutions can be done in order to address the major problems in the country.  . Having governors elected in the different provinces, and through the powers that may vested in them, they have the right to levy appropriate taxes that will bring the government into right economic and political positioning.  It will outdo and correct many wrong   practices in the   past and present government that greatly hinders the nation and the people to become better. The ANF and CODEL are in the right position to create Afghanistan’s total reforms in order to control the long-years corruption, poor governance, unstable economy that led the people to extreme poverty. (Sherzai, 2012).


In view of the current political situation in Afghanistan, it is highly recommended that there must be an impetus comprehensive intra-Afghan Dialogue with the support of the international political leaders and international communities on how to implement Parliamentary form of government that will decentralize the present government as well as will liberate the people in the country from long years of having an abusive, corrupt and non-systemic governance in Afghanistan.  Indeed, the incoming form of government must be a real democracy advocate, and it must be ready to take the challenge with positivity and responsible and humble enough to serve the Afghanistan nation in the best way it can.


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