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TRANSPARENCY IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN THE PHILIPPINES                                                      

      Transparency has become a constraint or an illusive pattern of errors and a conventional niche of opportunity of power to people who occupy public position especially those who have abused their authority over their people and districts. Government agencies seems to become a legal home of corrupt practices of individuals who has taken advantage of their bogus behavior and greed to reside as a government service personnel or officer by using the government funds for their personal gain. Scandals and intrigues among government offices has become a past time or “tsismis” in the media community and common people in Philippines. This supports countless numbers of proven and hidden records of crimes that has been exposed and unexposed to the public even they have been proven to violate some rules and regulation of transparency yet there are numerous leaders living in an extravagant lifestyle while leaving their agency with hopelessness and admonition by taking funds all by themselves. Less discipline, freedom and temptation has always been there in local and regional public offices within the country.

      Corruption practices including Tax Evasion from tax payers with backers inside the agency, Ghost Projects like highways and building construction, Public Bidding that goes through government officials, Nepotism, Extortion, Bribery or lagay system, Abuse of Authority and Red tape has become a common and open secrets in most public offices leaving them with low morality, humiliation, allegation while rumors are rampant from several agencies to denounce and neglect their services by its people. ( Through this corruption practices common people hated their services but they themselves has already been influenced to succumb and even participate to this ideas. This situation in the Philippines cannot be blamed only to administration officials but also to the people who do not have the courage to resist such temptations.

      Some highly controversial public administration documented in their corruption was the ZTE Broadband deal to unify government offices during 2008 a $329 million dollar project of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) turned out to be a case of bribery from various public officials including Chairman Benjamin Abalos and the first gentleman himself Jose Miguel Arroyo the husband of the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. ( “Hello Garci” with Virgilio Garcillano the Election Commissioner of Commission of Election (COMELEC) has also become one of the most sought after public office scandal among the Filipinos which includes the President being involved in protecting her candidacy by calling Garci during election in conspiracy with the said official to win the election but up to now their cases have been under provision. (

      Winston Garcia President and General Manager of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has also been involved in too many cases of corruption including his loan application of 2.14 million that has been granted on the same day while members shall have to wait for weeks or months for approval. There is also plunder cases including his P5.6 million pesos yearly take home pay plus allowance and  irregularities that has been exposed by most of their employees but he still manage to withstand in his position because of the trust of the President who still want him to take his position. ( There were too many unprecedented records of public administration corruption cases that lifted the faces of morality of the Philippines to become the 4th most corrupt country in Southeast Asia during 2010 and put a shame in their peoples trust. (

      Due to this, the Philippine Government has created several agencies that will protect the public administration offices against corruption and as early as 1936 to 2001 hoping that transparency can be achieved within the future. Office of the Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan, Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), Civil Service Commission (CSC), Commission on Audit (CA) and other government agencies have been provided for different sets of task to protect and to serve as an eye opener or lookout for public administration, controlled corporation, local government units and even non government organizations that has a direct influence over their stake holders. People and employees are expected to report any irregularities within their offices. These government offices have already helped several misconduct, corruption cases, red tape and anomalies of officials coming from public administrations and government agencies. These agencies have lots of works to do to achieve their dreams. Presently as of 2012 this Country is not included in top 10 Most Corrupt in Southeast Asia because they have high trust in their newly elected President Noynoy Aquino. This ignited hope to their people and transparency is still possible in the Philippines.  

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