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Thesis Titles Proposal

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Proposal # 1:          


Title:               “Protection from Man: Security on Shelter for Battered Women”

Thesis Statement: “Shelters for battered women provides the psychological, emotional and security needs that battered women”

Overview:     Abused women are constantly in danger even after the abusive spouses are taken into custody. There is the possibility that a disgruntled relative of the detained spouse could track her down even if she is in a shelter. An even worse scenario is the abusive spouse walks freely either because of bail or if he has eluded the apprehension of authorities. This study intends to investigate the methods of security that specific shelters for abused women provide to ensure their safety.


Proposal # 2:          


Title:               “Identifying Masculine Attitudes of Administrators of battered women’s shelter”

Thesis Statement: “The administrators eliminate any form of masculine attitude among the staff of shelters for battered women”

Overview:     People learn to see themselves and the world around them through a gendered lens, classifying most everything as either masculine or feminine. (Bem, 1993) While understanding that in each society, every culture, and every group, the definition of what it means to be a man or woman differs in many aspects, it remains that in most societies "masculinity" does not exist except in contrast with "femininity." Masculine notions include denial of pain, refusal to request assistance, and expected dominance over others, especially women (Harris, 1995; Messner, 1997). With this premise, the study intends to investigate whether the stated masculine notions, among others, are present in the administrators and staff of shelters for battered women.


Bem, S. L. (1993). The lenses of gender. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Harris, I. M. (1995). Messages men hear: Constructing masculinities. Bristol, PA: Taylor & Francis.

Messner, M. (1997). Politics of masculinity. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.


Proposal # 3:          


Title:               “Effects of therapeutic methods used by shelters for battered women on the abused women’s rate of recovery.”

Thesis Statement: “The therapeutic methods used by shelters have a significant effect on the rate of recovery of abused women.”

Overview:     Upon admission on shelters for battered women, the abused woman has been subjected to several harshness be it psychologically, emotionally, and physically. This study intends to investigate the ways shelters address this predicament and how these therapeutic methods affect the rate of recovery among abused women.


Proposal # 4:          


Title:               “Assessing the organizational structure of shelters for battered women and its relationship on their level of effectiveness”

Thesis Statement: “The kind of organizational structure of shelters is directly proportional to the effectiveness of their services for battered women.”

Overview:     Organizational structures largely influence the relationship of the top management and the rank and file of an organization. Likewise, it also dictates the ability of the firm to address the needs of its clients. In the case of shelters for battered women, the women are considered clients. This study intends to shed light into the organizational structure of shelters and its relationship on their level of effectiveness in protecting and healing the abused female.


Proposal # 5:          


Title:               “Psychological effects of tending battered women to the staff of shelter for abused female”

Thesis Statement: “There are significant psychological effects on the staff of the shelter after years of tending abused women.”

Overview:     The sight of badly beaten women creates diverse reactions. The study intends to investigate whether the perspective of staff of shelters for abused female is affected by their constant exposure on the effects of violence.




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