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Proposal # 1:          

Title:               Doing Business in an Arab Country”

Overview:     A company may do business in an Arab country in a variety of ways. The options range from informal contractual relationships to forming an Arabian company. Most businesses require some form of license from the Arabian National Government while some require the investment or employment of Arab citizens. The optimal form of the business will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of business, the duration of the involvement, and the nature of the transactions.

The Content: The dissertation aims to discuss the financial and investment climate in the country, particularly on its security and procedures. The investment climate in the country manifests the investment incentives that approve joint ventures. Moreover, they are mandated to fulfill several requirements of the Foreign Capital Investment Act, which stipulates that they are as well entitled to the same treatment, protection, and incentives accorded to national capital.  Also, it’s industrial promotions which discusses The two main roles of the Arab government, in its effort to diversify the industrial base, are to provide the infrastructure and incentives to encourage industrial development and to generate industrial projects to take advantage of the country’s oil resources.  The study will also discuss how to be effective and successful business administrator in the country, its shall show how to operate business in different places/areas; discuss the legal matters and government contracting once a company decided on the type of business in the Arab country. The study will also tackle the marketing and sales strategies that will work within the country, the challenge and opportunities that needed to be grabbed as well as its precautions and measures, the etiquettes and manners in which they (Arab people) conduct business. This study will also discuss the business infrastructure in the country, considering the fact that the distance that separates in the Arab world is very large. 

Proposal # 2:

Title:               “Arab common market: The possibility of realization”

Overview:     The starting point of an Arab market ought to proceed from launching and expanding programs of structural reform inside each Arab state in such a way that it provides all the conditions needed for such programs to be accomplished with high efficiency, brings about real changes in the nature of the relationship between public authorities and economy, and defines the role of the state generally so that care can be accorded in particular to liberalizing the exchange rate, the interest rate, pricing of commodities and services, openness in trade through decreasing customs and administrative barriers to imports and exports, and at the same time cutting down subsidies and consumption, rationalizing government spending and really reforming the monetary and taxation systems.

The Content:  In these studies, the preparations of agricultural stocks and the management of distributions within the geographic locations will be discussed. The discussion of the importation and exportation of country’s goods is the main objective of this dissertation.

Proposal # 3:          

Title:               The Other Face of OPEC: Financial Assistance to the Third World”

Overview:     As implied by the title, a major objective of this study is to modify, if not alter, a widely held public view of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) as an evil and voracious international cartel. Perhaps the single most important aspect of the work “The Other Face of OPEC” is the fact that it was written by Ibrahim Shihata. As the Director- General of the OPEC Fund for International Development from the time of its founding in 1976 through mid-1983, and as legal counsel to the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development over most of the period 1966-1976, few individuals are as knowledgeable about the theory and practice of OPEC and Arab economic assistance to the Third World. Dr. Shihata is not only an expert on the subject, but also writes well and persuasively.

The Content:           This study comprehensively and eloquently documents the magnitude and importance of OPEC's financial assistance to the world's developing nations over the past decade. However, it is doubtful that the constructive and responsible foreign aid activities undertaken by OPEC will much impress most the organization’s detractors.

Proposal # 4:          

Title:               For Investors: Find a Market, Fill a Need”

Overview:                 Risk-takers are made, not born according to Jeannette Scollard, the author of “Risk to Win! A Woman’s Guide to Success,” who has started 11 new businesses. The work persuades one to find a market and fill a need. Concurrently, it also encourages one to personally poll the market to determine if the customers are there. It also persuade investors to ask the potential customers to write letters telling himself/herself as well as the investor’s banker to estimate how much of the business they can give the investor.

The Content:           This study shows the importance of training before undergoing business, especially in a very open country like the Arab country. This will also feature how to train a future investor to take business risks by getting enough information so that he/she can make a calculated risk. In the latter part the study shall give some advises to keep the investor’s eyes open and pay attention to the marketplace when one thinks about starting a new business, one of the riskiest ventures.

Proposal # 5:          

Title:               Creating a Successful Business Plan

Overview:                 Whenever most people enter a new stage in their life or take on a new responsibility there tends to be a period of planning in which a great deal of decisions must be made. Whether it is financial, family oriented, or concerning a change in career, planning usually begins with an overwhelming amount of confusion. To make the choices that are best suited to fit the particular situation, a person may obtain additional information and knowledge from a series of external sources. This way he/she is more capable in devising a strong plan that will not only guide one through certain unavoidable obstacles, but also serve as a reminder of those objectives that must be met to ensure success. The same is true for many entrepreneurs entering into a new venture. In fact, for entrepreneurs planning is even more important in ensuring success.

The Content:           These study will contain all the strategies one could make in every aspect of business like doing some marketing plan, management plan, the description of business, planning the operation in an open city like an Arab country, product/service plan and its financial stability planning.

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