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The use of media to market a product or service was limited only to advertising


Organizations need to use media so that they can reach out to more clients. The use of media to market a product or service was limited only to advertising; the current environment paved the way for the growth of other vehicles that aims to make sure that a company can communicate its products and services to clients. During the past several years, emphasis has been on broadening the scope of communications strategy so that advertising is only one element of the communication mix. This recasting of advertising as a less dominant element of the communication mix seems appropriate in light of the growth of other communication vehicles such as publicity, direct marketing, event marketing, and the Internet. Unlike a decade ago, when consumer advertising implied television and magazines or newspapers, today's marketing communication implies a variety of different vehicles (Iacobuccid 2001). The notion is that these vehicles should offer another point of contact with consumers that deliver the brand position. Such integration is referred to as Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). The central tenets advanced by those who support IMC include television is no longer king and that many media should be considered; and all media should present a consistent view of the brand. The proponents of IMC argued that the marketplace had changed dramatically both domestically and globally. Mass marketing had evolved in a marketplace that had been subject to the laws of mass production, economies of scale, homogeneous consumer markets, as well as national brand domination of a limited number of channels (Steinbock 2000).  This paper aims to focus on IMC, its definition, and how IMC developed and influenced marketing disciplines in terms of the practitioner and in terms of academics.

Integrated marketing communication

According to Kliatchko (2005), Internet Marketing Communication is the process and concept of strategically managing audience focused, channel centered and result driven brand communication programs over time. For Kliatchko his definition is made up of elements namely IMC is both a process and a concept; IMC requires the knowledge and skills of strategic thinking and business management; IMC involves the use of brand communications; and IMC is hinged and distinguished by the pillars of audience driven, channel focused and results centered Kliatchko’s definition was a result of the understanding of different definitions of IMC. IMC is the major communications development of the last decade of the twentieth century Many organizations proclaim IMC to be a key competitive advantage of marketing. Integration of communications attempts to combine, integrate, and synergize different elements of the promotional mix, so to consumers, messages through a variety of different mechanisms look, sound, and feel alike. The real weakness of IMC is the weakness of firms to invest resources in the marketing and communication process. If that investment is not made, if businesses find themselves anchored at a certain process, then IMC will indeed have made a contribution, but it is not one of a strategic nature. It is instead tactical. And, yet, communication has to move from tactics to strategy (De Pelsmacker & Kitchen 2004).


 Only strategically oriented integrated brand communications can help businesses move forward in the highly competitive world of the twenty-first century. The stream of integrated marketing communications must be coherent and consistent because consumers will receive a flood of disarrayed information from many messages delivered through a variety of different media. Each component of the communications plan must be delivered in a way that provides a consistent image to consumers and that moves the consumer toward purchase, however and whenever it is received (Wells 1997). Integrated marketing communication developed and influenced marketing disciplines through helping the practitioner to focus on the use of all media available to make sure that a product or service would be properly introduced to the client. Integrated marketing communication inspired the use of Online marketing channels. Online marketing channel included e-marketing campaigns or programs like search engine optimization (SEO, blog, micro-blogging, podcast, and Internet TV. For the academia, IMC developed and influenced marketing disciplines through understanding how IMC in the books differ from IMC in real life. The academia used IMC to understand the difference of real life applications to textbook account of a concept.



IMC is a helpful concept both for business and the academic sector. Its development influenced marketing and made sure that companies would make full use of all available channels to make sure that products or services would be known to clients.  The definition of IMC was altered by Kliatchko wherein he stated that IMC is both a process and a concept that intends to manage brand communication programs that are audience focused, channel centered and result driven. IMC may have its faults and issues but through further studies and analysis this concept might prove helpful for success of business and further proof of the use of marketing and it’s related in a business setting.


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