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      The modern technology about by the power of the information super highway or the internet has brought tremendous impact in today’s world. The internet and computer technology is one the strongest influence ever created in the society today and it manifest all over the world it has taken every country by storm knowing that every organization including ordinary household harness its power almost every day. PC, Macintosh, Mobile phones, PSP and even some TV has access to the internet so there is no doubt that even in the third world country has also come to realize the power of this revolutionary approach in taking information by using this gadgets because there are too many advantages and the demand is ever increasing.

The Positive Impact of the Internet

      Easy Access to Information – Students, Professionals even ordinary household can access information almost instantly using the internet 24 hours a day seven days a week if they have reliable connection. Children can simply open their computer, type some words and the information is there almost instantly the options of information is larger that the libraries combined and most of them especially the academic subjects they would like to learn is free and very simple to find. Teachers do not need much to search for books for their lesson plans they simply carry their laptop and the resources they needs are immediately accessed. Most importantly private offices and governments demand for references are updated and easy to find.

      Ease of Communication – Information and Communication Technology is the major breakthrough of the internet this is probably one of the most powerful tools ever created in every institution all over the world. Children, businesses, industries and governments can instantly access their friends, family and colleagues even in mobile devices or in PC using the internet. Voice over Protocol (VoiP) provider like Skype, Yahoo Messenger can even give free access to internet users they can see their faces live wherever they are in the world using the headsets with microphone and a camera and their ready to go. They can chat and talk over the internet all night long without limits and most of all it’s really free so they can save hundreds even thousands of dollars in communication and they are not even limited to their country. The power of social media like facebook, twitter, youtube and other social networking sites can also provide free access to millions of subscriber to interact with each other get to know other people across the world and deal with them. SNN has also been used by people to search for friends and loved ones and other social purposes including a medium of cross cultural language exchange communication.   

      Internet is highly used in business The power of information and communication combined created a virtual domain for every individual and business enterprise to provide them with innovative access to advertise and promote their business over the internet. They simply need to provide a website address on the worldwide web and they have already introduced their business to the world, this act as their virtual offices that attracts more customers. Anyone in the world who would like to see their products and services can instantly type and click on their website and their ready to negotiate with buyers and sellers all over the world. If a certain customer decided to purchase a product and service, the internet can also provide ease of payment using online payment like the PayPal, Clickbank, Alertpay and other online payment organizations that have a secure network to accept transaction all over the internet that can widely reach the world providing instant negotiation process. Business Process Outsourcing and other companies including IBM, JP Morgan, Convergys, Accenture, ClientLogic and others uses the power of the internet entirely to expand their business. Businesses nowadays can also choose to recruit massive volume of applicants from other countries while applicants also find it comfortable to inquire job offers using the internet through emails and other media exchange.

The Negative Impact of the Internet

      Just like in any industries there are also downfalls on the internet. Hackers are like predators they build virus, they are the expert programmers who usually provide free access of information, software, music and other downloads if users are tempted to download their free offers they can start to attack and steal from them. Users are highly expose in different cases of crimes in cyber bullying, harassment, peer pressure, cybersex, sex videos and other malicious contents are also available all over the internet. These acts degrade and demoralize the values of internet users. There are also violent games that are very addicting especially among children and teenagers they are becoming more interested in games rather than information. Children in most countries chooses to play online games and social networking all the time this has become one of the leading causes of many diseases and obesity. The positive and negative impact offered by the internet is merely an option for users, it is their choice if they would like engage with it or not. In this case parental guidance is highly needed.

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