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THE IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICES                                                          ON JOB SATISFACTION AND PERFORMANCE

      One of the most dynamic changes in most industries that highly impact their organization is the changes or evolution of Human Resource Practices especially during the last 20 years. The standard practices and studies in Human Resource functions has become a very important factor in most organizations to study the recruitment and evaluation process and the development of rules and regulations to meet their manpower requirements for the satisfaction of their employees knowing that employee’s satisfaction leads to sustainability and growth. It is therefore a pre requisite for most companies and organizations to formulate a varied human resource practices to meet their employees needs and demand thus integrating the standard practices set by the industry which is needed to create even more efficient human resource development practices so that it can be both beneficial for employee and employer relationship. Organizations carried more advance human resource planning, appraisal, motivation, information system, training and development to be provided to their employees. Due to this reasons, employee’s satisfaction and performance can be easily identified.

      Employees Benefits leads to job satisfaction - One of the most sought after human resource standard practices desired by most employees that affect their performance is their Salaries and Wages, Perks, Promotion, Awards, Recognition and other benefits that have been the initial focus of most employees. This impacts a great deal of employee’s retention and job satisfaction that shows in their performance. If the organization is willing to comply with the standard salary set by their government and the human resource is religiously practicing such standard then they may ascertain their employees that they are given what they deserved. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs if such basic physiological needs such as food, shelter and clothing are fulfilled then it sparks a good start of employees satisfaction it can even motivate them to pursue a lifelong career in their organizations knowing that they are given enough and realize their good future but suppressing them with their basic needs, they will become weak or even rebellious in their performance.      

      Human Resource Training and Development Is probably one of the best and most satisfying non material benefits that the human resource management can give to empowerment their employees if they are given the right tools and personality development programs to change their behavior, their manners of how to deal with customers and employees. There are companies that are highly concerned in the development of their employees that they provided free training for their employees to become very presentable in the way they communicate and interact changing the way they carry themselves including the way they dress, their characters has also been influenced and changed resulting in positive response in their behavior. Some companies can even enhance employees in their respective skills, ability and interest and after the training the employees themselves can recognize that they have grown to become a better person with the help of their organizations and if they do, they will provide the most job satisfying performance, loyalty, high motivation and growth beyond their company’s expectation that can even affect to boost their co workers performance.

      Cross Platform Practices and Globalization – Because of the evolution and technology one major changes that created dynamic breakthroughs of human resource practices is the use of technology for interrelated practices from other organizations and government. The transfer of information and exchange of ideas has become very relevant during the 20th century especially in the field of recruitment that a human resource practices are not limited to their countries. Different organizations can seek employees anywhere in the world using globalization process through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It is very easy to tell that Business Process Outsourcing provides job satisfaction to most of their employees because of the salary and openness that these organizations have been providing from other countries while they themselves cut cost their overhead and enjoying rooster of highly skilled employees. Through this cross platform utilization of human resource practices, employees and employers are usually both satisfied.

      In contrast during this millennium there are also companies who have learned to take advantage of human resource function that has been found to be illegally classified. This includes unfair labor practices such us low salary provision, non unionization, favoritism, nepotism and control of their workers, illegal employment, child labor and other practices knowing that there are scarcity of employment and the world is suffering from economic downturn. Some organizations have taken advantage of their employees knowing that it is not easy to look for employment during this time. It is obvious that most of their employees may not found job satisfaction at all but usually they have taken their position through compromise agreement because of their needs for survival most of them may suffer from frustration, psychological dilemma and hardship during employment and it usually shown in their improper behavior and weak in their performance. It is a sad reality although this is definitely being practiced in many organizations of today.

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