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Research Proposal - The Effects of Public Relations on Sales of an Organization

The Effects of Public Relations on Sales of an Organization


In customer-focused selling, the main objective is to deliver the most effective product and in the most efficient service. Business sectors sought the basic approach to gain more confidence in the market and that is through the public relations in terms of marketing. To be a public relation officer or staff, there is a great need for the knowledge and training to contribute to sales as well as to the success of the business with regards to increasing revenues.

Background of the Study and Problem Statement

The main objective of any firm is to market their products or services profitability. Most of the firms assume that advertising, promotions, marketing, sales and public relations are effective strategies to attract the sales (UMSL, 2001). In this statement, the major question arises and pertains on “how effective is the marketing, more specifically in public relations in sales contributions?”

Research Objectives

There are three objectives of the research and first is to determine the effects of the public relations in organizations. Second is to assess on how the effects of the public relations reach the target market and how it can contribute to their buying decisions. And lastly, is to determine the obstacles occur through the past experiences of the public relation officers.  

Research Questions

Accordingly, the research is focused on the following questions that emphasize the nature of public relations:

a)      What is the role of the public relation in the organizations marketing strategies?

b)      What are the responsibilities a public relation officer with regards to the organization and their target market?

c)      How effective is the work of the public relation compared to the other marketing areas of an organization?

d)      What are the effects of the public relations on sales of an organization?

Literature Review

Public relation and its managers supervise the relations of the organizations product or services in the targeted market. It is important that the manager is an specialists which is related to the product so that they can handle the crisis management or the inquiries of the market. Usually, they use the available communication such as media to maintain the support for the organization’s success. Moreover, they also communicate with the consumers, stockholder, and the general public.

Part of their responsibilities is to evaluate the advertising and promotion before serving it hot right into the eyes and ears of the public. They also observe the social, economic, political and demographic trends which will have a great effect on their sales and on the performance of the organization. Public relations officers assist the company executives in their speeches in the interviews and other forms of public contact. In addition, some managers handle special events such as sponsorship, parties, or activities to have an opportunity to widely introduce the new product or services. Some finds it more effectively that the direct advertising to gain full public attention (UMSL, 2001).

The success of a public relation’s affairs is based on their well-executed plans and strategies and most of the companies made it the central focus in their promotional strategy. However, Public relations center its focus when there is a launch of new product or service; need for a reposition of the existing product or service; create or increase a public interest in the in the product, service, or in brand; to influence, to defend the product or services that have suffered from negative perception; and to enhance the firm’s overall image. The anticipated result of public relations strategy is to generate additional revenue through greater awareness and information with regards to the products or services being promoted (JPEC, 2003; Deatherage, 1998).


The research can be conducted in several ways and one common way is through personal and telephone interviews. It will be explained that there is a need of an in-depth understanding of the nature of the sales organization and the challenges in public relations. The important that should coordinate in the study belongs in the Executive Management such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Team; Business Development which in the Vice President level; and the Client Services or Customer Service staffs.


Organizational leaders welcome the importance of the public relations in their business. Therefore, they are ready to finance the additional training of their people just to increase their sales (PI World, 2007).


Public relation (PR) is a strategy that may play a key role in an organization’s promotional or marketing strategy. It is considered as one of the most effective methods to communicate and relates market and can be just as important in attracting sales. Its effects may leave a great impact in the organization and in the market. It is powerful and most cost effective of all the promotional activities because it uses the power of interaction. In addition, many successful companies was engaged and /or still engaged in the public relations to maintain and improve their business performance.


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