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Project Analysis - Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong

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Project Analysis

Executive Summary

A project is a large activity that process and usually integrated the technology. It is natural to face certain problems when facing a project and sometimes, the people are the main cause of the problems. Other than that, there is also called timeframes, scheduling, and financial projections. Therefore, the project manager must focus in achieving their goals, motivate his team, apply all the knowledge from his past experience and open a communication to their stakeholders. This study is a review on the applied strategies of the Cosmo Hotel which is based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The proper utilization of the project management was manifested in their success in integrating their service with the technology. Cosmo Hotel introduced itself as the chic, modern, boutique hotel in Hong Kong that is style conscious and technologically savvy. And the start of their popularity grew as they were rated as the four-star hotel in Hong Kong.   

Hong Kong – one of the most chosen foreign destinations. For some visitors, they feel new adventures as they view different amazing sites. There are also a very few exits from Hong Kong with just one airport, the Chinese border on one side and water on all the other.  Hong Kong is a country that has a lively capitalism and bright skyscrapers. If there would be a day that a visitor should spend then, it might be into shopping. There are many shopping malls that are interconnected on each other and weaved by intricate tunnels and colorful stained glasses (Horowitz, 2009). The city offers a portrait of a burgeoning and incredible vibrancy (Morris, 1988). And while mesmerizing on it’s beauty, visitor’s can stay in the four-star Cosmo Hotel where they can feel accommodated in the buzzing city of Hong Kong (Horowitz, 2009). 

Cosmo Hotel

As a cauldron, seething, hissing, hooting, arguing, enmeshed in a labyrinth of tunnels and flyovers, Hong Kong can definitely intimidate the other countries and can capture the heart of the travelers (Morris, 1988). Exploring the streets and hunt for the seasonal adventures can be more warmth if the travelers will find the most suitable place where to lay their backs when they gone tired. An additional advantage is the cheap price of the accommodation and next is the easy access on the other places that a visitor might plan to visit.

In Wan Chai, Cosmo Hotel is introduced as the today’s cozy and immaculately clean hotel. It is also popular because of the locations or transportation accessibility from the shopping district and best local restaurants (Scott, 2009). It is advised to book especially when there are many events such as Chinese New Year to enjoy the holidays. The hotel is packed with design features and sleek interior design, yet very affordable. The location of the Cosmo Hotel is benefited by their unique routes which are close to the shopping district and different attractions and close to the airport for about 45-minute drive.  

Cosmo Hotel is considered as the most avant-garde hotels in Hong Kong that lies in the city of Wan Chai. Many tourists describe the hotel as the facility that breathes with voguish and modern design that helps the firm to attract the celebrities and popular personalities. Another advantage is that, the Cosmo Hotel is located at the heart of the business area and it is best picked by the business travelers and guests that want to use the available technological amenities because of the executive facility and studios. And the rooms are connected with wireless broadband internet connection that provides accessibility for their customers. In this generation, the Cosmo Hotel can be easily booked with their online service book forms by clicking on the icons and following the indicated instructions.

The Project: Objective and Scope

Building a hospitality industry structure is not easy. Every facility should be critically assessed and be based on the company’s aspiration of goals. The Cosmo Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Hong Kong and their facilities made their popularity grew. It is a unique idea to have a business function hotel while offering a leisure experience for the visitors.

The hotel industry became more competitive every year and the goal of every hospitality service is to improve their customer relations and services to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its guests. The company also aims to provide a superior environment for their guests and improve the rate of repeat visits. Cosmo Hotel utilized well their location advantage and still proposing for improvements. The introduced solution is to provide an environment where people and employees can communicate anytime and anywhere; provide a facility where people and employees can share information according in their own time and; to provide guests with the high-speed broadband internet connections as an answer to their business needs.

The aim for communication and sharing of business information was tailored under the Information Technology as a strategic tool to provide the kind of service. It became available for all the guests with a promise of accuracy and speed that will make the guest to return (Licata, 2006). For the overall project for improvement, the project management was in charge in putting together the project and guided by the responsibility to deliver the business proposal toward its success and experience the benefits being paid by the project.

Project Stakeholder Analysis

It is considered that stakeholders are needed in achieving the project goals and their participation and support are the crucial part of the project’s success. Through analysis, stakeholders can identify the vested interests and issues placed by the stakeholders with the concern of the project. The main aim of the stakeholder analysis is to develop a strategic view of landscape and the relationships of the stakeholders on one another as well as issues placed upon the project (Golder and Gawler, 2005).

The project manager can use the stakeholder analysis to determined the stakes ad expectations of the stakeholders, and therefore, adopt the project organization and feedback mechanisms according to the desired outcomes (de Baar, 2006). A good analysis can help the project team to construct an approach suited to the situation and this will allow the open negotiation for the stakeholders.

In the end, the stakeholder analysis will bring the relative importance and influence with an idea if the stakeholders are against or for the project. The information gathered form the stakeholders can fuel the push for the project management. There will be some pointers that a project manager should consider in relying with the information on analysis. A smart project manager can notice satisfaction of the stakeholders and identify if there are some areas that are needed to be improved.

Managing the Project

Business strategies are used to establish a better competition by crafting the competitive advantage and in return, providing benefits available for the organization, sustaining them, and keeping the customers’ trusts. The Cosmo Hotel will not achieve their supremacy if the propellers did not apply the strategies. The global competition and economic trends made these strategies be combined and work together by focusing in one assigned goal.

The idea of best cost or combining the business strategies is the best approach to achieve the competitive advantage (Srivannaboon, 2006). An organization can utilize the cost leadership and differentiation. First, the cost leadership was utilized by organization in pursuing the competitive advantage and increases the market share by being the hotel that offers accommodation in lowest cost. And second, the differentiation is also named through the action of the organization in seeking a right position in the marketplace in which enables the business to satisfy their customers. Cosmo Hotel, from the above review, already has this advantage since they are in the heart of the district, and offering quality of service and innovative features. Through the adopted strategy of differentiation, the organization was given a chance to charge a premium price.

Critical Analysis and Project Outcome

There are four different measurement of project success that is also used analysis. The measures of success include the absolute performance relative to an industry and can provide estimation in their targets. The outcome of the project can be seen in the absolute cost performance of the project which is relative to the industry. The evidence is shown in the continue success of Cosmo Hotel in providing an available facility that will suit to the needs of the people who wants to work and take a leisure at the same time. The organization’s idea in promoting the use of technology gave them a strong competitive advantage since they offer it as part of their amenities. 

In the time where the project is struggling to be done, the project team was guided by an absolute schedule where they can focus and perform well in their task. This also enables the team or the project manager to estimate the cost allotted in the completion of the project (Griffith, 2005). The proper planning and scheduled execution are also important in setting the authorization and integration of resources to achieve the target date of project completion.


Cosmo Hotel utilized the idea of project management and the supporting groups behind it – the stakeholder, project manager, project team, and others. The actual project outcome can measure the true success or failure of the proposed project. It is considered that proper scheduling can be the best advantage in the process of completing the project. It starts in planning and continuously running as long as the project is under operation. It is worth for the investment to have proper planning and scheduling for they have proven a significant positive outcome in the success of the project. Planning and scheduling are considered as the drivers of success if the manager set a control over it.


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