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      “Killings” is a fictional literary masterpiece of Andres Dubus in 1979 a quite simple story of sorrow and death of a young man Frank who have a simple dreams but he was murdered by Richard who was arrogant and abusive and because he was jealous with Frank knowing that he and his former wife Natalie (in the movie) had an affair. But during the trial Richard is set free on bail. Dr. Matt Fowler and Ruth, Franks parents could not barely accept Frank’ death and Richard’s freedom, Matt has grown in anger until he finally decided to bring justice to his son to take revenge and murdered Richard on his own believing that the court could no longer approve his accusation. He hunted and shot Richard while on his way home then he disposes the body on the isolated place and decided to go home. Dr. Fowler made a sweet revenge and all his hurts have been released in the bedroom. And this has been the plot of the story.

      “Killings” by Andres Dubus has also been released in the in 2001 movie by Miramax in titled “In the Bedroom” directed by Todd Field this movies has won all the major awards in the Academy and Critics including best films, best actors and best actress, best director, best screenplay and many others. Starring Tom Wilkinson as Matt Fowler, Sissy Spacek as Ruth, William Mapother as Richard, Nick Stahl as Frank and Marissa Tomei as Natalie. This movie depicts a realistic human emotions and an approach of ordinary jealousy turned into hatred and envy. Moreover the film also depicts the character of a person who had deep feelings of revenge in his heart. Matt Fowler swallowed his pride and goodness he could no longer resist his emotion until he could bring justice to his son’s death and killing Richard is the only thing he could think of. The story shows that he was set free when he murdered Richard Dr. Fowler also believed that he has done the right thing, he never hesitate on what he has done.

      Personally as I have watched the full movie I believe the whole movie was indeed a little bit boring but everything came out naturally and spontaneously showing the real intense emotions of people of what reality is all about. Dr. Fowler’s hatred with Richard should not be tolerated he himself is guilty in committing murder and he should be accused knowing that we can never replace the lives of people nor we can never correct the mistakes of someone by committing another mistake. Richard has not learned to control his emotion when he has jealousy and hatred while Dr. Fowler himself has shown violence when he was blinded by anger within this movie. Most of all justice has not been served but crime does. Although we are not in the position to judge such persons under circumstance but if we could only put ourselves in their shoes then we can understand how they feel to say that revenge should not grow in our heart.

      As portrayed in this movie revenge is human and animal nature a universal and deep rooted emotion to get even to person that trespasses against us. The psychological impact of revenge to a person who has taken revenge maybe sweet and fulfilling but only limited and short lived. This may result in weak spirit and guilty feelings and conscientious hurts, it complicates our lives the long run.  The bible has a lot to say about our emotion of anger and hatred to bring the burden unto God our feelings and keep in mind that revenge is not the right path. Romans 12:19 says that we should never avenge ourselves but we should leave to the wrath of God that vengeance is in him. He will be the one to prosecute those people who has violated his laws.

      While in Mathew 5:38 -39 it says an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, do not resist the one who is evil but if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn him to other also. 1 Peter 3:9 says do not repay evil for evil while Proverbs 24:29 summarize the emotion of a person who wanted take revenge when it says “I will pay the man back for what he has done”. The solution to anger and hatred is really not to fight back but God has his own way of bringing justice through forgiveness as written in Luke 6: 37 do not judge and you will not be judge, do not condemn, and you will not be condemn. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. In Colossians 3:13 says forgive whatever grievances we have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. While forgiveness is hard, the suggestion of the bible is the best suggestions of all time and it is the only way we can only set ourselves free from the wrath of weary emotions that we carry within ourselves through forgiveness, we should not allow this feeling to grow. Learning to forgive takes time just like in the story of Killings by Andre Dubus a scar takes time but it can heal.       

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