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      Research and Selection of Location - Building Construction Material Management involves technical and complex task a person who handles such task are usually construction engineers or they must be very familiar with budget and cost estimation of materials to their advantage to reduce the cost while enjoying construction quality and benefits. They must also have hands on knowledge in building construction and experience in material selection. The first and foremost idea in building construction is not the material selection and budgeting but the selection of site where the building project will be located. Selection of location provide  a guaranteed benefits in the long run if a certain location is perceived to have guaranteed commercial purposes, a highly accessible and popular area can increase customers and prestige to the organization.

      Material Recycling – During construction there are also materials that can be recycle including blocks and sand during the process this does not necessarily mean that the recycled materials are not in good quality but a good laborer can recycle construction materials as good as new. This can save more expenses although it can add additional production time otherwise if the workers do not understand the recycling methods then by all means they should purchase brand new materials and may only use excess materials for non foundation construction such as additional roads cleanups or ground purposes. Buying second hand construction materials is also economical but it is always necessary to evaluate good conditions before actual purchase.    

      Material Management Plans – This is probably one of the most delicate parts of the construction and material management. They must choose the right price equal to the quality of materials they need to use including metals, glass, bricks, plastics and other supplies usually comes from different companies so the estimation, selection, costing and other process is different in each materials, each of these materials should be carefully highlighted in their selection. This requires actual canvassing or online research and be able to compare materials and its cost. In other government projects they try to publish public bidding in local newspapers and other media so as to gather companies who would like to participate in construction. They tried to choose the best company who can offer the best quality and reasonable construction materials, quality of labor, experience and credibility in construction. They can also seek the advice of local county offices or municipality to go directly to manufacturer rather than deal with the salespeople. This strategy alone can save thousand of dollars during canvassing.  But if an organization aims to deliver a well constructed and prestigious building they can easily seek the world’s best building and construction suppliers on the internet and local construction suppliers.  

      Labor and Machinery Services – Hiring the best labor force may sometimes be neglected in a usual construction and estimation plan but usually most important, the building and construction requires more excellent labor forces than necessary since there are engineers, construction laborer, plumbers, electric maintenance and other professional services who have their own skills and specialization and one does not necessarily understand the work of the others. The labor cost can even go up to the actual materials used. Additionally there are machineries they need to rent or buy during construction and all this definitely add up to the total cost and budget.

      Contracting -  There are many manufacturers all over the world that offers building construction materials, management and labor according to quality, design and budget of their customers if a certain organization do not have the capacity to establish their own, they must seek for the best specialized company who would provide the best services in their construction. The benefits of contracting is that it saves the hassle of the three process involved because they can offer full range of services from start to finish and the contractor themselves can be the one to act and utilize the plans although usually this requires more labor cost and professional budget. Then can provide the best materials, labor and construction support to their customers.

      Don’t forget the Government Code - One of the biggest mistake in building and construction material management that a developer can make is their negligence to secure the necessary building and construction permit or sometimes they deliberately try to neglect to follow the requirements so as to save their budget and construction taxes. But usually they are the one to suffer if later on the government found out that they have not complied within the government requirements. They have the power and authority to close or even remove their construction development if they notice later on that this newly established building construction has been verified for non compliance especially in the issue of health, safety and environmental impact of the business.  



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