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            Adventure Tourism is probably one of the most engaging tourism campaign within the country it extend beyond boundaries, culture, religion and other differences. In Asia adventure tourism has become one the highest revenue earning and employment generating opportunity within their countries. Through adventure tourism they are able to promote their culture and tradition and business viability of the country. Adventure tourism offers wonderful opportunities to attract and encourage foreigners to visit and invest in such country that offers adventure tourism. In 2011 announces the latest and highly prestigious “Seven Wonders of the World” that also includes an offer of adventure tourism. Foreigners or tourist can expect a wonderful exploration and sceneries. Adventure tourism can also offer a close encounter of different kinds of unexpected adventure including hands on and controlled risk of danger coming from natural and man made phenomenon including action packed Bungee Jumping, Mountain Climbing, Wild River, Animal hunting and other exciting adventure.

      The sponsoring country make sure that certain restriction has been made to protect the tourist so that they can appreciate even more the wonders of nature and enjoy one of the most rewarding and exciting experience they can ever have in their life. Particularly the Philippines Department of Tourism is one of the most highly promoted government agencies their slogan includes It’s more fun in the Philippines believing that this country has a lot to offer in tourism including Medical Tourism, Cultural Heritage, History, Culture and Arts and Adventure Tourism.  Here is some of the best adventure tourism in the Philippines they can be proud of;  

      Moalboal Cebu Action Adventure – Based in Moalboal Island of Cebu, this place includes an action packed adventure that tourist could not ask for more. This also includes hotel and restaurant accommodation to taste the Filipino’s exclusive delicacies of seafood’s and native dishes and of course their offer of planet adventures that includes breathtaking Canyon Adventure; by rappelling in a 30 meters waterfalls in a hidden Canyon woods and trees rich forest and mountains. There is also unexplored spooky Cave Adventure; tourist can pass through the dark cave rich in stalagmite and stalactite that has been formed naturally within thousand of years. They can also encounter different water animals inside the cave as they pass through the cave.

      They can also go along High Land trekking and Mountain climbing; crossing the rocky hills of Osmeña peak. One of the most exciting and most popular adventures they can offer to tourist is the Volcano and Jungle Expedition; tourist should be prepared for a 2 to 3 day island adventure before they can reach the craters of the volcano of Mt. Kanlaon. They are going to pass through lush greenery of virgin forest and they are going to see several niches of wild animals including monkeys and eagles and they are going to feel the wonderful varieties of wild orchids that are hardly seen in the city. Additionally they can also choose Diving and Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Boat rafting, including Children’s Educational Adventure and Nightlife.      

      Puerto Princesa Underground River – Declared by UNESCO in 1971 as one of the world’s Heritage Site and officially announced as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2011. Located in Palawan Island home of white sand beaches and water adventure is the country’s premiere and highly preserved areas in the Philippines and probably in the world, this offers the longest underground river containing 8.2 kilometer long that goes directly to the sea. As tourist pass through the river by boat they are going to encounter the most exciting sceneries of Flora and Fauna of more than 800 species of plants, trees, and wild flowers, more than 250 species of birds, 30 species of mammals, 19 species of reptiles including lots of water snakes and lizards that naturally living on land and water. Tourist can experience it all in this wonderful phenomenon as they travel the world’s longest underground river.        

      Donsol Sorsogon Ocean Adventure – Is known as the Whale Shark capital of the world. Tourist highly visited this place to experience a once in a lifetime ocean adventure. They can dive into the crystal water in Donsol Sorsogon and swim across the ocean while different species of fishes and marine animals swim beside them. One of the most exciting and highly entertaining is the close encounter of the gentle giant called “Butanding” this is a giant fish shark it can grow up to more 12 meters as huge as a bus, Butanding is considered an endangered species. Because this shark is naturally harmless to people tourist can swim all the way beside the giant shark and take pictures the only limitation is that they should not hold the shark. These three locations are just some of the most highly popular adventure tourism in the Philippines.

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