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Unit 4 - Creating Online Learning Systems

Discussion Board

Unit 4

Creating Online Learning Systems

The Web Resources

In order to come up with the online learning systems, there are different factors to consider, thus different information and data must be gathered in order to be used in the process of planning and implementing the system. In order to come up with this assignment, initial data gathering were done and come up with the three websites or online resources that would helped to focus on the different factors that must be considered in the process of making the entire online learning system.

First on the list is the WiseGeek [] website which tackles basic information that is related with online learning. Thus, it will give information that will help to consider on the advantages and disadvantages of online learning. The second online resource is the article of Sherry [] which tackles about the issues that are connected with distance learning. This resource will enable to focus on the different literatures and information that are related with distance learning including the roles of partners in the distance educations teams, technology selection, adoption, design issues, methods and strategies in order to increase the interactivity and active learning, learner characteristics, learner support, operational issues, policy and management issues, equity and accessibility and cost/benefit tradeoffs. The last online resource or considered as the most useful and comprehensive will be the United States Distance Learning Association’s (USDLA) instructional media selection guide for distance learning by Holden and Westfall []. This will enable to review the different available technologies that can be used in implementing the overall online learning systems.

Web Resources and Online Learning Phase

The first website will enable me to focus on the different primary or basic information that must be learnt in order to focus on the online learning. By focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, it will enable me to focus on the different solutions and actions that must be done and applied in the system in order to ensure that these advantages are being implemented to the fullest, on the other hand, focus on the disadvantages, in order to come up with technologies and approaches that will enable to prevent, remove or lessen its negative impact on the learning process of the student or trainee. On the other hand, the second website will enable me to focus on the different information that are related with the distance education, together with the different technologies that can be used and applied. At the same time, it will also give comprehensive information regarding the different theories and philosophies of distance learning. This is important because of the fact that instructional model affects which information is communicated to the student, together on how the student make sense and construct new knowledge based on the information presented. Therefore, it will enable to focus on the different possible environmental factors that might affect the learning activities of the students. The last website is considered as the most important because it offers comprehensive information regarding the different media that can be used in the online learning system. This enables to focus on the different technologies that can be applied in a given situation. Therefore, it can be used as a helpful guideline.

Ethical, Legal and Educational Consideration and the Internet

            The Internet is considered as a form for expression of ideas (Smith, 2004). This is the reason why it is an important aspect being used and applied in the field of education. It enables the students to have a vast and unlimited resource of information which will enable them to fully understand specific topic and subject. Ethics pertains on the rights of other and to the rules which state how we should behave when our behavior affects other people (Bruhn 2004). Thus, it pertains on respecting the rights of each and every individual in the cyberspace. By using these resources, the student will be able to learn on the process of respecting intellectual property rights of the writers or authors of these articles. Thus, it can help in order to come up with the idea of citing the works and articles. Thus, this factor is connected with the legal factor. Legality is considered as one of the most important factors that are disobeyed in the Internet including illegal download and plagiarism, based on this, the students will be able to focus on asking for the permission with the authors of the articles if they will use it in any purpose. Above all, these websites or online resources will be very helpful in terms of educational purposes, because it can help them to be more informed and knowledgeable regarding the different factors that are related with the issue of online and distance education.



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Smith, M. (2004). The Legal, Professional and Ethical Dimensions of Higher Education. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


WiseGeek, What is Online Learning? Retrieved October 21, 2009, from WiseGeek:

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