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Thesis Proposals


Proposal # 1:          

Title:               Operations Management in Mainland China”


Thesis Statement: “High level of efficiency on the operations management of foreign firms in Mainland China is directly related to the corporate environment.”


Overview:     A company may do business in the Mainland China in a variety of ways. The options range from informal contractual relationships to forming Chinese company. Most businesses require some form of license from the Chinese Government while some require the investment or employment of Chinese citizens. The optimal form of the business will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of business, the duration of the involvement, and the nature of the transactions.


Proposal # 2: 

Title: “Problems of Organization: Operations Management in Government Owned Corporations in China.”


Thesis Statement: “The present structure of government owned firms in China directly effects the level of efficiency of their operations management.”


Overview:     A set of problems appears to be related to the way organizations have structured the way they work in general, and their strategic management process in particular. Three different lacks can be identified: lack of involvement, lack of representation, and lack of cross-functional communication.


Proposal # 3:      

Title: “The Chinese workforce: Effects of the Problems of Cognition on the Operations Management of Private Firms in Taiwan”


Thesis Statement: “The skill level of the Chinese workforce in Taiwan is directly proportional to level of efficiency of firm operations in the country.”


Overview:     Deficiencies apparently relates to the cognitive skills of the persons involved. Once again, three lacks can be identified: lack of common language, lack of knowledge, and lack of insight.


Proposal # 4:          

Title: “The Effects of the Attitudes of Top Level Managers in the Operations of the Government Owned Firms.”


Thesis Statement: “The attitude of top level managers in government owned firms in China dictates the efficient operation of the firm.”


Overview:     In the literature the attitude deficiencies of lack of awareness, of consensus, and of commitment have been mentioned. Here we should distinguish between a lack of awareness of the importance of operations for general management and other functional managers on the one hand, and a lack of awareness of the strategic dimensions of operations among operations managers on the other. Since not all the stakeholders are involved in all the relevant phases and aspects of the strategy process, it is not surprising that there is often little consensus regarding the resulting strategic plan. And, without consensus, at least to a certain degree, there can be little hope for commitment. If not all the stakeholders have fully participated in the strategic process it is not likely that the resulting plan will be understood and that there will be consensus regarding the plan. Therefore it is unlikely that there will be much commitment for thorough implementation of the plan.


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