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Project Proposal On Room Occupancy Trends For Caribbean Bay Resort

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Room occupancy trends for Caribbean Bay Resort




Ideally, average occupancy and room rate statistics have limitations when used to monitor resorts/hotel industries, the need for alternative measure such as lodging index, which reflect average revenue per room in a night as the index can be particularly useful for local travel destinations where average occupancy and room rates are not available accordingly. The existing time series forecasting models can either capture the information of the last few data in the data series or the entire data series is used for projecting future values. In other words, the time series forecasting models are unable to take advantage of the last trend in the data series, which always have direct influence on the estimated values (Law, 2004 p. 71). The proposing of improved extrapolative time series forecasting technique to compute future room occupancy rates ideal for the Caribbean Bay Resort. The performance of the method will be tested with certain published room occupancy rates such as in Hong Kong. The forecasted room occupancy rates can be in comparison with actual room occupancy rates in hotels (comparing resort to hotel) the empirical research can indicate that the method is promising with reasonably good forecasting based results (Law, 2004 p. 71).

The restructuring of small tropical islands toward mass tourism development has threatened their sustainability as major cause has been inadequate understanding of tourism dynamics and the absence of comprehensive integrated measures of tourism's pervasive economic, social and environmental impacts. The need to test such trends in a comparative analysis of other bay resorts, into Caribbean islands and yielding the increasing occupancy possibilities for penetration. Apply of case studies are to be presented to illustrate trends and behavior of resorts at diverse levels and to highlight in future trends to use in an ideal manner (McElroy and de Albuquerque, 1998 p. 145). Governments of the Asia Pacific are placing greater importance on tourism to help meet economic planning objectives for modernization where beach resorts are an increasingly popular form of tourism development. The beach resort can expand, room trends can be developed for the resort (Smith, 1992 p. 167). However, it can be argued that the formulation of planning policy for tourism requires detailed information on characteristics of tourist flows. Research analysis for Caribbean Bay Resort future room occupancy rates for a time period of five years and patterns of visitor flows have to be identified. Hotels are differentiated with respect to their overall occupancy levels, the nature and intensity of their seasonal and weekly occupancy patterns, and their changing occupancy performance over the time period. The simplicity and clarity of the spatial and temporal patterns identified prompt the search for the causal factors involved and the policy implications to be derived (Jeffrey, 1985 p. 509).

Execute longitudinal analysis of room occupancy trends for Caribbean Resort by means of using published statistics and reports compiled. Interesting trends emerge as ratios will be calculated as follows: number of nights spent, discounted earnings, discounted earnings per night, contribution to GDP per tourism earnings, discounted contribution to GDP, percentage of nights spent, nights spent and nights spent in informal accommodation, average expenditure accommodated and average expenditure accommodated in informal accommodation. The approach is based on combination of principal components and cluster analysis. The results can be of use to group establishments with similar performance profiles. Some general relationships between occupancy performance and the characteristics of the accommodation businesses for the resort will be known. The analysis extends to Caribbean and other parts of services accommodation sector allowing comparisons to be drawn.



Jeffrey D. Trends and fluctuations in visitor flows to Yorkshire and Humberside hotels; an analysis of daily bed occupancy rates, 1985, Reg. Studies 19, 509-522


Rob Law. Initially Testing an Improved Extrapolative Hotel Room Occupancy Rate Forecasting Technique. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 1540-7306, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2004, Pages 71 – 77

References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article.


Jerome L. McElroy and Klaus de Albuquerque. Tourism penetration index in small Caribbean islands. Annals of Tourism Research Volume 25, Issue 1, January 1998, Pages 145-168 Elsevier Science


Russell Arthur Smith. Conflicting trends of beach resort development: A Malaysian case. Coastal Management, 1521-0421, Volume 20, Issue 2, 1992, Pages 167 – 187

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