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Project Management: Hong Kong Intelligent Transport System (ITS), China

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Project Management: Hong Kong Intelligent Transport System (ITS), China




            The Hong Kong Intelligent Transport System (ITS) project is being developed in order to improve the traffic management and control system in the nationwide road network in the city of Hong Kong. The government of Hong Kong is funding a multi-phased ITS and the development of the project had began in 2001, thus the said project will ensure safety and efficiency in the transportation of the country when completed in 2010 (Roadtraffic-Technology n.d.). Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in vehicles and transportation networks that move people and goods (Roadtraffic-Technology n.d.).

            The estimated amount of money to be invested is $43 million, sponsored by the government of Hong Kong. There are different organizations that have joint forced in order to ensure the success of the said projects including the Univision Engineering for the CCTV Production; Delcan, Imtech NV, GEC-Services, Siemens, PEEK and TRL for the TCS system (Roadtraffic-Technology n.d.). When used effectively, it will open doors to new methods which will help in the process of expansion, operation, reconfiguration and transportation system.

            The ITS project has four key platforms which include: traffic management, monitoring, data analysis and control activities. Therefore, this project will be very helpful for the entire country because it will help the entire transportation system.

Project Management

            Project management is defined as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the project activities in order to meet the needs and expectations from a project (Burke 2003).

            Project Integration Management is concerned with the process of coordinating all the aspects of the project plan that is concerned with the coordination of all aspects of project plan and is highly interactive (Baca 2005).  Thus, this stage is considered as the most important stage of project management because it enables to connect all of the important aspect of the project. In the case of the ITS project, all of the areas involves in the entire project were combined, unified as well as integrated. All of the aspects of traffic and road systems in Hong Kong were analyzed and evaluate in order to create a super system, which will hold and process the entire traffic system of the country. Aside from that, information regarding the suppliers and other external stakeholders were also included. As a result, the TIS had been successful on integrating all of the important aspects towards the project.

            In addition, the scope of the project was also clearly stated, which include the different factors and aspects that are related with traffic and road system in the country. Aside from that, the project also clearly included to the report the past system and projects implemented in the country which is related with ITS. As a result, the project team will not be able to be confused with what, how and when to do a certain aspect of the project. It is important to consider that changes to the project scope are often the factors which kill a project. This is because it can create problem in consistency of the project which will create domino effect (Lewis 2002).  In the case of ITS, the team had been able to include authorization of the job, development of scope statement which defines the boundaries of the project, subdivision of the work into manageable components with deliverables, and verification of the scope planned achievement, together with the scope change control procedures. It is important to focus on the fact that the different aspects of traffic and road system of Hong Kong were divided into different deliverables, which explains why there are some aspect of the project that had been completed, while some are still in process. In connection, the primary reason why the project has been divided into different elements or subsystem is because it enables the team to focus on the different individual needs of each subsystem, at the same time, enables to cater to different parts of the system which will help to save time. Time is considered as one of the vital aspect of project management. It is considered as the most important resource that must be managed by the project management team because time is one of the important indicators which shows whether a specific project have been successful or not. In the case of the ITS, the project management team, particularly the Hong Kong government had been able to focus on the time management, including the process of planning the entire duration that the project must be completed. The project is expected to be completed in 2010, where in during that time, the entire country will be experiencing the centralized traffic and road system which will ensure high tech and safer road. Thus, the schedule of the project was based on the time to be spent in disseminating information and installing the system in different areas of Hong Kong, at the same time, focuses on training aspect, which will help the end-user of the system be more familiar with the features of the system. The situation is the same with the cost management, which is important because the government of Hong Kong estimated a total of $432 million in order to complete the project. Through cost management, the government had been able to allocate budgets and cash-flow to the different work packages in most effective manner. This include the planning documents such as cost breakdown structure, activity budgets, department budgets as well as cash-flow statement, in addition, in order to control the entire process, documents such as expenditure reports, committed costs and cost-to-complete, revised budgets and earned value. After the initial project cost management was done, which include allocation of budgets for different gadgets, facilities, technologies and labor force to be used, the government is implementing a controlling process which focuses on monitoring the development in the budget, at the same time, ensure that all of the out-flow of money towards the different resources are all on budget. This process is the same with the time management, where in the project management team focuses on monitoring their schedule by using different time management and scheduling software.

            The next process to consider is the project quality management, which pertains on the process of ensuring that all of the activities and technologies applied are working based on what have planned and if all are working based on the specification declared in the first phase of project management. This is a vital factor for the Hong Kong government, because failure of this project, particularly those finished sub-system will entirely affect, not only the entire project, but also the entire performance and operation of the country. As a result, the Hong Kong government is focusing on implementing regular monitoring on the performance of the systems that have been installed and being used in different parts of the country. This is being done by testing process, which includes the help of the individuals that are working with the system or the end users. By doing this, the company had been able to focus on the different factors which help the project to be more effective and safe.

            All over, as expected for a huge project like ITS, the government of Hong Kong, together with the different organizations that are involved in the process of implementing the project, the entire project management activities had been successful.




Baca, C 2005, Project Manager’s Spotlight on Change Management, Wiley Publishers


Burke, R 2003, Project Management: Planning and Controlling, John Wiley and Sons, England


Lewis, J 2002, Fundamentals of Project Management: Developing Core Competencies to Help Outperform the Competition, AMACOM Div American Management Association


Roadtraffic-Technology, Hong Kong Intelligent Transport System (ITS), China, viewed 16 October 2009, <>

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