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Investigate the effectiveness and impact of celebrity endorsement in advertising on a chosen brand : A Sample Abstact



            Celebrity endorsement is considered as one of the most used and applied marketing strategy in any product, service or brand. This is primarily applicable in the cosmetic products, where in majority of the endorsers are those known and famous people, particularly those in the entertainment industry. One of the best example is L’Oreal where in different huge name have been connected in the brand for its entire operation in the world. Because the brand is considered as one of the largest and famous in the global cosmetic industry, many huge name are endorsing its line of products. This paper focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in cosmetic product.

            A sample of 174 18 and above women were surveyed using random sampling. The questionnaire was designed based on the source based model, where in the samples were asked about their perceptions regarding the attractiveness, trustworthiness and expertise of the celebrity endorsers. In order to compare the perceptions of the respondents about the 3 variables, they were asked to rate their level of agreement about 15 statements regarding attractiveness, trustworthiness and expertise (ATE) and 4 statements regarding their personal buying decisions and behaviors. In order to compare it, paired-samples t-test analysis was applied and used. The result of the study showed that there was significant difference between the celebrity and non-celebrity endorsers in all of the pairs of variables tested. Celebrity endorsers shows greater advantage or edge in all pairs of variables compare with the non-celebrity endorsers, which  means that the study supported some of the past literatures about the effectiveness of celebrity-endorser over the non-celebrity endorser. Above all, correlation was also used in order to show the relationship or connection of the ATE with the impact on the consumers’ buying decisions and behaviors. The result showed that there was moderate correlation between the two variables.

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