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Abstract Paper - Organizational Change On Managerial Roles In Petroleum Development Of Oman (PDO)



            This study, provided for the Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), will detail, in Chapters One to Three the processes involved in establishing a new organizations and how these changes affect the managerial roles. It begins in Chapter One with an introduction to the nature of the problem, that is, the need to change the existing organization, an overview of the current organizational structure of the PDO and its drive to change it. Moreover, it explains the crucial role of managers in the implementation of changes.

The aims and objectives of the study include the investigation of the change in behavior and performance among managers upon the implementation of organizational change. This study shall analyze the development of management within the Omani culture.

In Chapter Two, an overview of the PDO is presented. It tackles the company’s history and vision and extensively discusses the management structure of the company. It shows the shortcomings of the current organization and presents insights of the benefits of the new organization to the managers and to the company. Furthermore, in this Chapter, the roles of the leaders in organizational change are discussed. Finally, this Chapter emphasizes the importance of considering the national and organizational culture in changing organizations. It states that understanding and assessing the national culture and the organization's culture can mean the difference between success and failure in today's fast changing business environment.

Chapter Three shall be furnishing discussions and literatures made by authors regarding Organizational Change and its impact on managerial roles. Such discussions and literatures are primarily based on the studies made by Mintzberg (1973, 1979). Other studies by Burnes (1996), Burton (1999), Cummings & Worley (2001), Doberty & Home (1999), Durphy & Stace (2002), Handy (1979), Meyerson (2001), Mullins (1996) and Senior (2002) discuss the different types of changes and the factors to consider in implementing changes. Furthermore, Ackerman (1983), Hawley (1983),  Kiefer & Stroh (1984) and Levy & Merry (1986) discus the nature, concept and the different strategies of organizational change. The predominant contention of these authors has been fundamentally inclined positively towards Organizational Change.

In determining the impact of organizational change to managerial roles, the study shall use Henry Mintzberg analytical framework of managers (1973). This framework defines the roles of a manager and the three classifications of these roles. The first is the interpersonal role which ensures that information is provided. The second is the informational role which links all managerial roles together. And finally, the decisional role. This role makes sure that information is significantly utilized.

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