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A Thesis Statement On Integrated Regional Foreign Policy: The Path to Regional Development and Security in the Mano River Union

Integrated Regional Foreign Policy: The Path to Regional Development and Security in the Mano River Union


The Mano River Union or MRU is considered as an international association that was established in 1973 between Liberia and Sierra Leone, with the objective or sub-regional economic integration (Mano River Union n.d.). On the other hand, regional integration is known as the process of constructing the inter-governmental or supra-national space among a number of member states, where in each single states have agreed to some extent about free movement of goods, services, capital as well as person, together with some policy matters that are coordinated, harmonized or unified, between member states and transferred to the regional level in full manner. Because Africa is facing with different challenges in order to maintain peace and stability, at the same time organize good governance and fight against the different contagious diseases, it is important to implement integrated regional foreign policy, the problem is that strong will at the highest levels as well as strong adherence by the civil society at the bases are needed in order to establish a fruitful regional integration. The problem is that Mano River Union is one of the regional organizations at work that is claiming some sovereign decision making for itself (Deacon & Van Hoestenberghe 2008).

Thus, the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations (UN) in Sierra Leone was successful, because of the cooperation of the international community and the resources was available which helped to address the situation (UN 2002).



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