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The Impact of Technology-Mediated Communication

The Impact of Technology-Mediated Communication

Technology Mediated Communication

What we have:

·         Television

·         Radio

·         Telephone

·         Email

·         Chat room

·         Videoconferencing

Purpose of Communication


Effectiveness of Communication

  • Relational Competence

·         Social Presence and Media Richness

  • Communication Channel


Interpersonal Communication Motives

·         communication is goal directed

·         inclusion, control, and affection

·         need to establish or maintain a mutual interest in and acknowledgment of others

·         interpersonal needs are fulfilled through the attainment of satisfactory relations with others

What Kind of Interaction Do We Need?

Unstructured Casual Everyday            Vs.     Structured technologically

Face-to-Face Interaction                             mediated interaction


Advantages of Technology-Mediated Communication

·         no physical restraint

·         useful for low-intensity communications

·         requires little time and effort

·         more control over communication

·         can sustain relationships comparably to face-to-face

·         can create a hyperpersonal context where those uncomfortable in other contexts can excel at relating

Disadvantages of Technology-Mediated Communication

  • absence of feedback, and the lack of social and emotional information

  • Face-to-face time breeds closeness

  • shared experiences instead of just exchanging information

  • lack of emotional exchange

  • creates an environment hostile to relationships


Technology-Mediated Communication Theories

(a)  characterize how technologies differ in terms of their communication affordances;

(b) describe how the affordances of a given technology differ from those of face to face communication; and

(c)  explain how these different affordances produce differences between mediated and face to face communication in process, content or outcome of communication.


Impact of Technology-Mediated Communication

·         Education

·         Socialization and culture

·         Community

·         Economy and Business

·         Politics

·         Social Interactions



  • Greater access to education and resources (library, distance learning, etc.)

  • Mobility and availability of information

  • increased access to more information and education


  • Tendency to violate the intellectual property rights

  • Lack of interactive discussions

  • Plagiarism

  • No social interaction in the classroom


Socialization and Culture

  • increases mobility of educational information on other culture

  • exposure to diversity

  • opportunity to interact with other cultures

  • introduction to a vast array of attitudes and social behaviors


  • uncensored information that may be morally confusing

  • lack of supervision may lead to imitation of what they see

  • unrestricted information may lead to changes in behavior


Community: economy, business and politics

  • increased mobility of information

  • greater chances of communication

  • accessibility of people from other countries and state



  • increased interaction

  • the provision of non-hierarchical communication environments

  • the negation of gender and racial imbalance

  • a focus on the content and not context of communication

  • the breakdown of power and allied knowledge structures


  • Technology-mediated communication can be effective in developing people’s knowledge, and cognitive capabilities, yet they do not allow for the social construction of knowledge.

  • Technology-mediated communication does not automatically promote social interaction, and does not form an adequate alternative to face-to-face interaction.


































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