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Human Resource Management Best Practices



      Human Resource Management has generally more functions that we can imagine especially in very large organizations. They are also a part of major decision makers of the corporate world especially in the issue of recruitment and retention of employees, salaries and benefits and other HRM general known functions. Here are some of the best practices of Human Resource Management in an organization.

      Provide employees satisfaction in the workplace – With the help of managers and supervisors the human resource management and personnel continuously formulate and update the policies and provision of the organization for the benefits of employees in general. For example if they found that they are not align in the government expected salaries and benefits especially in remote and provincial areas in the newly developed countries one of the best practice of HRM is the development of rules and regulation that will align their salaries and benefits that can generally boost employees satisfaction. Although the decision maker is up to the board of directors and employers the HRM function is to defend such provision so that employees will be satisfied in their work. Salary and benefits is just one the basic most important reasons for employee’s satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

      HRM may provide employees training and development – Depending on their objectives but usually HRM provides general information especially for new employees they are introduced about the company orientation before they are hired. They are also trained about their function and job identification so that they can have a good path to follow especially the work ethics and their violation which is preliminary important especially for new employees. During their stay they can also be provided with human resource management personality development training of how they dress up, present and communicate to their co-workers, managers and customers. They may also provide team building, this seems to be a full enjoyment of parties, tour, outing, sports, shows, special events and other relaxing activities but actually these are HRM function to provide boundaries that will eliminate stressful and monotonous works for their employees. They have realized the importance of burn out of employees if they are stuck in office or factory works in a long period of time so HRM may introduce new activities to relieve their frustration and boredom.

      Rewards and Recognitions – HRM together with the executives can provide rewards and recognition for their best performing employees. They can introduce a new policy that will encourage their employees to stand up and be motivated in their line of work no matter how easy or how hard it may be. This can entice employees to be more productive if the organizations can provide bonuses or promotion in their good performance. Especially in Sales Department if employees produce good sales and performance there surely is something in stored for their good records and HRM management will usually recommend bigger responsibility, higher salary or position. This can act as a fuel for employees who have a desire to gain more and be a leader in their line of work if they are given the reward and recognition their job satisfaction can surely double as well as their productivity and performance.

      Safety first in the workplace – The human resource management and personnel are the ones who provide coordination to the government and organization in the registration of their health benefits and social security in the workplace. Medicare, Medicard, Medicaid and other membership for health and safety provision of workers are probably one of the best practices of human resource management and its organizations if they are responsible enough to provide safety nets for their employees health insurance and other medical benefits knowing that accidents and incidents may happen every now and then especially to hard labor employees like those engineer who climb the electrical post or the miner who are digging the innermost part of the earth should definitely receive health and safety benefits coming from the organization. This is even required by the government, non implementation of such provision shows a very weak and unsatisfactory organizational and human resource department practices.      

      HRM provide fair evaluation among employees – This is probably one of the most critical works of the human resource department that they must provide appraisal to their employees in a group or individual that they should not also procrastinate to deliver a fair evaluation. Sometimes they may create error or unfair in reporting if they exercise favoritism or nepotism like appointing relatives to a higher position even if they are not qualified. Honesty and Integrity is the best standard during evaluation. There are also times that employees can offer them something just to give them a good performance appraisal during evaluation. HRM can also be exposed in corruption by controlling employees but if they are committed in their line of work they will definitely provide a fair evaluation among employees so that they will receive the right benefits according to their performance and no amount of threats and corruption can change them about their decision. This also shows a good reflection in their organizations if they can provide a transparent evaluation for their employees.  

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