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Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management 


Generally, human capital  management refers to the most valuable asset of the organization, the working people. It includes the recruitment process of the people, as well as it manages and provides direction and company’s policies  on the   working people inside the organization.  In addition, human capital involves   the issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration and training.  On the other hand, it includes the  strategic and comprehensive approaches in handling and managing the employees in the organization. Undoubtedly, an effective human capital management has an efficient and  effective  management of the employees, as well as  it creates  productive   working environment with the employees.  Furthermore, human capital management   leads the company towards favorable direction and accomplishments in meeting its main goals and objectives for the benefits of everybody in the organization. At the same time, it has already transformed from traditional personnel, administration, and transactional roles, which are increasingly outsourced. In fact,  human capital management  is now expected to contribute greatly to the strategic utilization of employees with  the employee programs  that give tremendous impact on the business in various motivation programs. 


Correspondingly, all organizations require human working capital  or working people, and they are the most valuable resources of the company. It always needs employees’ productivity and capabilities  in order to run  the organization  in an efficient and effective. The  skills and abilities of the people to fulfill their tasks  is  very essential in order to maximize the   human  capital  management, as well as the human capital  development.  The everyday responsibilities of the entire work force must optimize the  skills and abilities of the human resources.  Apparently, both profit and non-profit organizations need  a powerful workforce in order to survive in a long period of time. They are both  managed in similar way.  The only difference is that non-profit organizations have volunteered human capital  who do not  demand for   regular compensation.  Even though, this is the case,  the  workforce still need to be managed the same way that employees in the profit organization are being managed.  The same thing that the volunteered employees must be recruited, so as to be  filtered. Likewise, human capital must still  be organized into  appropriate  manners. Employees  should be  delegated to their respective  responsibilities, as well as  be monitored, so as to be  rewarded based on their performances in the organization.  


In this connection,  human capital management  deals  also with staffing, recruiting and training of the employees in the organization.  Indeed, it is also a field of    career development  for the employees.  Hence, human resource management  plays a vital role in  managing people; so that people and the organization are both performing at maximum capability and in a most effective way. Majority of the companies today  attract, develop and retain  deserving employees in the organization through giving them  various motivational programs and give them appropriate company orientations that focus on the company's missions and objectives.  


  In view thereof, human capital management is the core  of the  organization in order to build and create best  employees for the productivity and profitability  of the organization.  And, it has the major responsibility of managing the employees  to become  efficient and effective in their jobs, as well as it  must help  to promote and protect  the well-being of the workforce through  giving appropriate remuneration packages and benefits.  In human capital management,  excellent communication process is very vital in order to communicate well with the recruited people as well as with the existing employees.  Any organization cannot succeed without  good communication programs. 
They serve as the perfect tool to express the views.  And, whatever issues or problems arise,   they can  right away resolve through efficient and effective communication  process used by the organization.  Keep in mind, that, any message can  efficiently and effectively get across to the  other people through humanitarian  approach and strategy.  And,  this process always involves the  soft aspect of managing  people, it is the heart.  But, of course, it must be   associated with   equitable policies and regulations that will  lead the employees and the entire organization into a right path.  Subsequently, company's growth and development will definitely follow  if all these factors are being applied and  practiced by the  entire  workforce  along with the management.  Finally, the success of any organization greatly depends on  how the human resources are being   managed by the respective  human resources managers, as well as  how the company owners and  stakeholders  give value  and investment to the human capital of the company. 







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