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Customer Satisfaction In A Fast Food And Restaurant Business

Customer Satisfaction in a Fast Food and Restaurant Business


Generally,   in order to satisfy the customers in  a  fast food and restaurant business, foremost, the management and the staff must  provide excellent  food and  excellent customer service to the customers.  The  fast food  or restaurant staff  should know their  core responsibility to the customers, and that is to satisfy their wants and needs.   Of course, people are going to a restaurant to satisfy their meticulous tastes. And, not only that, people are looking for a healthier food to eat outside their homes.  Nowadays, customers  are  more likely to prefer  nutritious    gourmet.    In addition,  other initiatives must be done in order to identify and  determine the best  practices and business strategies that can help to improve and deliver best products and customer service  to the customers in a restaurant or fast food.  Naturally, improving    customer service  is very important in order to promote a high level of customers' satisfaction and trust  in a restaurant business.  And, in order to achieve this level,   one  of the  essential  factors  should be given  focus is  the proper sanitation in the  establishment.  It  is number one requirement  that a restaurant has  a good location and  pleasant ambiance for the people to  get  interested to visit the place and try  its food.    Another  important requirement that a restaurant should possess  the staff's courtesy to the guests  or customers.  There is   a rule in  a service  business, “customer is always right,”   meaning, the customers must be treated well in order to make them feel  that they are valuable   people in the business.  Remember, without these people, a restaurant business cannot survive for a long period of time.  Hence, a customer must be given due respect and premium customer service  right at the moment  he or she enters the main door of  the food establishment.    This is the most efficient and effective way to   make them realize that they come  to a right place for their money.    Subsequently, if the customer, feels a pleasant vibes  the moment he or she enters the restaurant,    it  means   good or even better business with them in the near future.    However, the momentum that the customer feels towards the restaurant must not stop from there.  It should continue with the   food that the restaurant  serves to them, and the most important of all is how they  are treated by the staff until the time they finish eating their food and  up to the moment they  are going to pay their bill and leave a tip on the table.


 Therefore, selling food must be in a friendly and healthy environment, that would appeal  to the health  conscious minds of the customers.  In addition to that, restaurant business  has primary objectives in doing business with their customers.  First is to develop food products that would certainly entice the meticulous taste of the customers.  Second  is to increase the variety on their menu; and to introduce desert menu as well in a buffet menu. Though, today, the most dominant   food business is fast food restaurant business because it is more economical as to compare to a traditional  first class restaurant where only rich people can  afford to  dine in.  And, the  one of the fast food restaurant that are well visited by the customers is the   Kentucky Fried Chicken  or popularly known as (KFC).  KFC  has  diversified  customers  who prefer to eat   nutritious food, fresh vegetables, macaroni and cheese, peach cobbler with red beans and rice. On the other hand, there are menu items that are especially intended for the Hispanic consumers in specific cities that serves fried plantains, flan and Tres Leches.  The food company target market location includes shopping mall food courts, universities, hospitals, airports, stadiums, amusement parks office buildings and mobile branches.  When it comes to marketing strategy in increasing their revenues and profitability; KFC has been working seriously to maintain the reduction of the company’s overhead expenses.  In the same manner, the organization also focuses on the improvement and efficiencies in the employees’ performance and customer service.  The food company also observes closely the cleanliness and proper sanitation of all the restaurant outlets worldwide; and, continuous production of high quality food products for the international consumers.  It has developed into a more healthy living  fast food  and restaurant chain with many new changes on its menu such as Honey BBQ Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken and has also started to serve its lunch and dinner buffets.



On the other hand, McDonald’s Corporation is the leading and the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the globe.  It started as a barbecue restaurant which was operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The company has top sellers food such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and French fries and  vegetable salads, soft drinks, shakes and desserts.  And, one of the   efficient and effective business strategy of McDonald's Company is   the expansion program they   have implemented in various  countries in the globe.  This is in order to meet the   diversified   food cultures and meticulous tastes of   their international customers.  (





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