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Comparative Public Administration In Africa

Comparative Public Administration in Africa


This study aims to  know   the contributions of comparative public administration  to public governance, management of public services, and national development in the African region.  In the same manner, this study   targets to  assess the importance  of  these contributions to the African  people; so as to evaluate  how  does a  comparative research steer public administration out of its partiality and provincial mode of logical thinking into a  more modern and  globalized   perspective. In addition, to  examine  as well the connection of  the development of the  administration concepts  on the political   practice in Africa,  especially during the time that  post-colonialism  first occurred in the country.  Furthermore, this paper also has the objectives to recommend some  strategies in order to improve the political condition in the African region. In comparison, public administration practices differ from one country to another.  Many countries in the world  have different past  political performances,  administrative improvements and developing reform strategies in the government.  The administrative knowledge  over the people can be based  through cross-cultural comparative analysis, this provides a wider point of view for the practitioners of  public management and better understanding of the larger discourse of  public governance. Likewise, comparison provides the  political practitioner significant perceptions on the government  policies and actions that  are effective for  the local, national, and global levels.

( )

Aime Cessaire said,  “there are two ways of losing oneself: through fragmentation in the particular or dilution in the universal.” According to her, the challenge in  "Africanizing Public Administration"  is one of "How do we understand the particularity of `African' without losing sense of universal  shared knowledge, experience and history."   Besides, the people must refrain from suggesting   similarities  and agreements  on the bases of cultural  value and behavior of diversified people  across  the world.  Naturally,  people with different races, cultures and political beliefs and practices  differ as well with their  political influences  and policies.  If African government and its people  believe in  common  principles; and both practice  them in their daily lives, it is because  the government and the people  are being oriented that way .   The of public administration and governance in the Africa  these days  are  being patterned from the various colonial  invasions that took place in the continent in the past.  The  continent  has its own   traditional  politics, and  administrative models and efforts that even until now are practiced by  the people in the authority.   Many debates have been going on about the endless  corruption,  abuses on the human rights of the people, unjust and   poor governance of political leaders   in the region.  Many African leaders in the past, were being expected to  at least do their share of improving  the poor political condition in the continent; however, it  always  resulted to  failure due  to lack of financial support,  unification and  consensus among the  government agencies  from all regions.  As a matter of fact, political challenges have been faced by  African leaders since  21st century.  There have been many demands  that always led to   corruptions and  unjust political practices of the  political leaders in the  government.  ( )


A research in  1995 entitled "Toward a Theory of Afrocentric Organizations"  found out that “the Afrocentric organization is based on the philosophical orientation of harmony, spirituality and humanistic/ people-oriented principles with basic administration elements that include support of all members, communal management style and prioritizing people over profit.”  And so, in order to  restore  African influence in public administration and public sector leadership development in the continent, at the same time to   share  the  possible  remedies to improve  people's understanding  on the serious problems and issues that the African public have been experiencing  with their political leaders.   ( )

In view thereof,    this study highly recommends that  the political structure  of African government must be changed.  Foremost, the  human rights law must be  implemented seriously and strictly; so that  ordinary people will become aware about their important role in the African society and in the government.  The people's right must be  given an utmost protection in order to  improve the  fate of the poor   communities in the region.  And, in order to achieve this objective, political leaders should commit in an honest, equal, just, and  transparent   governance over the people.  The peace and order  law must be  constituted in order to protect the ordinary citizens from any   danger and  possible merciless killings.  A tooth-for-a-tooth government laws must be implemented by the committed, sincere and honest leader who has  strong principles for  true democracy.  Therefore,  the African public  must first choose  a  leader with good principles who is brave enough to fight for justice and  for the protection of human rights  of the people.





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